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News Clips | June 28, 2022

How growing Western rec towns might hold onto their futures

Researchers look to give small tourism communities the tools for a GNARly approach.

DeSantis nixed Wilton Simpson's priorities. Simpson says it's OK.

Maureen Condic, a neurobiologist and embryology professor at the University of Utah, testified on behalf of the state that life begins the moment a sperm fertilizes the egg. “That’s based on research,” Condic said. “That’s what the research has shown me.”

Meta Allowed Misleading Ads for Bogus Cancer Treatments on Facebook

Facebook and its parent company, Meta, don’t exactly have a great track record when it comes to combatting online disinformation.

70+ age cohort expected to grow the most in Summit County over the next decade

The majority of population growth in Summit County over the next decade is expected to be in the 70+ age cohort, according to data published in a staff report ahead of Tuesday’s joint Summit County Council-Park City Council meeting.

Video raises questions about Utah Co. Attorney's adoption of Native American child

The video was entered into evidence as part of a human trafficking investigation into David Leavitt.

In Boston homes, potentially harmful compounds are leaking from stovetops

Natural gas—just by nature of being the most common residential energy source in the U.S.—has the sheen of being a relatively safe and clean kind of power.

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