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News Clips | June 21-26, 2023

Supreme Court ruling complicates Navajo Nation’s fight for more water

On some parts of the Navajo Nation, where roughly a third of the people lack reliable access to clean water, people have to drive for miles on red dirt roads to lug water home. Others rely on unregulated wells or water delivery trucks.

Utah professor named LGBTQ+ Educator of the Year

June is Pride Month, and a Utah professor has a special reason to celebrate after being named one of Out to Innovate's winners of its 2023 Educator of the Year for LGBTQ+ professionals in science, technology, engineering, and math, known as STEM.

Opinion: We are in a maternal mortality crisis. How do we reverse the trend?

The U.S. has the highest maternal mortality rate among high-income countries. What are we doing about it?

How Atomic-Scale Geometry Might Shape the Future of Electronics

Twistronics could illuminate a path to superconductivity, revolutionize electronic devices, or perhaps hasten the arrival of quantum computing.

University of Utah study: Great Salt Lake dust on snow helped hasten melt 17 days early

A study published Thursday in the journal Environmental Research Letters and conducted by the University of Utah showed the Great Salt Lake contributed 23% of the total dust deposited.

Utah researchers are testing a birth control gel for men

The gel, which is a long way from FDA approval, could change the way couples deal with contraception.

1 year after Roe, Utah health care providers and patients wade through uncertainty

Since the question of abortion was sent back to states, new laws have been enacted in Utah to limit abortion, lawsuits have been filed to challenge them and court injunctions are in place.

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