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News Clips | July 7, 2022

Self-propelled robotic ammonites provide an insight into evolution

Long before the first dinosaurs roamed the earth, the oceans were full of creatures known as ammonites.

Doctors in Anti-Abortion States Now Have No Idea When They're Allowed to Save a Pregnant Person's Life

One of the first patients emergency medicine physician Dr. Taylor Nichols ever treated on his own was a woman who had an ectopic pregnancy—a dangerous condition in which a fertilized egg grows outside the uterus, potentially causing life-threatening bleeding if it ruptures the organ in which it’s growing.

Commentary: The most critical voice in an exam room is yours

A view of abortion from eight University of Utah medical school students.

Utah abortion laws unclear on reporting, verification process for sexual assault victims

Utah abortion laws allow exceptions for cases of rape – but only if victims have reported to police.

Utahns on guns: Red flag laws? Yes. Assault weapons ban? Yes. Universal background checks? Yes

New Deseret News/Hinckley Institute poll shows strong support for gun control measures.

How much money Utes, Pac-12 make compared to other conferences

Like a running back looking for the endzone, college athletic departments are trying to find conferences that can make them the most money.

Are scientists about to unveil the mysteries of dark matter?

Dark matter, making up about 80% of the universe, remains a mystery to scientists—the Hadron Collider could change that.

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