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News Clips | July 6, 2022

‘We are killing people’: How technology has made your car ‘a candy store of distraction’

In the late 1980s, the U.S. Army turned to outside experts to study how pilots of Apache attack helicopters were responding to the torrent of information streaming into the cockpit on digital screens and analog displays.

Utah jail deaths surged back to a concerning high in 2020. What’s being done?

County jails haven’t reported this many jail deaths since 2016.

Robotic ammonites recreate ancient animals' movements

In a university swimming pool, scientists and their underwater cameras watch carefully as a coiled shell is released from a pair of metal tongs.

Experts recommend these four foods for a good night’s sleep

While getting a good night's sleep depends on a myriad of factors, including mental and physical health, nutrition undoubtedly plays a role.

Using big data to better understand cancerous mutations

The ideal method of determining what type of cancer mutation a patient has is to compare two samples from the same patient, one from the tumor and one from healthy tissue.

Goodbye, space junk! Chinese engineers successfully use 'drag sail' technology

Could this be the solution to our growing space junk problem?

Laughter is the ultimate unifier. Can it work for climate action?

Research shows that humor can help get climate messaging across. Activists and comedians alike are starting to take notice.

Bio-based superabsorbents on the sanitary products market

Start-ups are innovating with new materials for the growing biobased superabsorbents market.

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