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News Clips | July 30-August 2, 2022

New rankings paint a different picture of the ‘best’ colleges in Utah

The best college in Utah is Neumont College of Computer Science. That’s if you’re measuring for what some see as higher education's chief purpose—economic mobility.

‘The Nature of Color’: presented by the Natural History Museum of Utah

The Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU), which houses nearly 1.7 million specimens purposed for academic research in its collections, has welcomed an eye-opening exhibit on something we see, choose from, and use to represent ourselves in our everyday lives: color.

What impact does race have on mental health? New U. hire to explore, address disparities

he Hunstman Mental Health Institute and University of Utah education department have announced a new hire to explore racial disparities in mental health services as a part of a larger collaboration.

Utah Utes athletic director Mark Harlan preaching Pac-12 togetherness as media rights decision looms

Harlan made his first public comments on Friday at Pac-12 media day since UCLA and USC announced they were leaving the conference in 2024.

See which Utah employers say they’ll pay for out-of-state abortions

Several companies will cover travel expenses for workers who face crossing a state line to obtain care. For now, abortion is legal in Utah up to 18 weeks of pregnancy.

Where have Utah millennials moved? Chances are it’s close to home

Millennials are moving around quite a lot, but it appears they are settling down close to home, according to new findings released this week by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Best in the West? Where does Utah's fertility rate rank in the region, nationally

Utah's fertility rate has continued its decadelong decline, falling from the highest in the nation to fourth, a new report from the University of Utah Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute reveals.

From farm to table to the stars, Oakley event combines fine cuisine and telescopes

Hearth and Hill’s annual Astronomy Dinner aims to bring ‘something fresh’ to ‘eating in a field.’

An Aspirin a Day Keeps the Doctor Away, In Terms of Reducing Ovarian Cancer Risk by 13% for Women

Ovarian cancer is a deadly malignant tumor and responsible for a number of women deaths worldwide, due to challenges faced by the medical industry when it comes to early detection and treatment.

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