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News Clips | July 21, 2022

How 16 artists explore the good and the bad of Utah’s air

What we breathe is also a vehicle for discussions about health and justice, Utah Museum of Fine Arts’ curator says.

Why This Fall’s Campus Housing Shortages Could Be Different

Colleges across the nation are facing housing shortages and increased demand, leaving hundreds of students waiting for assignments or scrambling to find off-campus options as the fall semester quickly approaches.

Utah college students hit from housing crunch, left with few options

All around the state, Utahns are having trouble getting homes, and now universities are being impacted as well.

New pin prick test helps determine need for COVID booster

A new antibody test, partially developed in Utah, can help track a person’s immunity to COVID-19 variants.

Utah astronomers expect a lot of future surprises from NASA’s Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope is already surpassing expectations as the universe’s most powerful observation tool.

Higher Ed’s Hiring Woes

Recruiting and retention challenges are hitting colleges, according to numerous panels at the National Association of College and University Business Officers conference.

New book explores burnout among physicians and healthcare workers

University of Utah psychologist, Dr. Joseph Allen, is releasing a new book on July 21, called The Burned Out Physician: Managing the Stress and Reducing the Errors, which provides insight as to what healthcare workers in the U.S. are physically and mentally enduring following the aftermath of COVID-19.

Nearly half of Gen Zers prefer TikTok over Google for news

A journalism professor says her students like to get their news in bite-sized pieces such as TikTok rather than Google.

A student from China told the University of Utah her boyfriend was threatening her. She was found dead weeks later.

Zhifan Dong is the second University of Utah student in four years to be killed after reporting threats from a boyfriend to school officials.

Employees at UofU claim they were fired after complaining about 'abusive work environment'

Two University of Utah students claim they were fired from their summer jobs with the school after they complained about a toxic and abusive environment.

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