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News Clips | July 18-August 1, 2023

A photo history of Utah's impressive and bizarre Pioneer Day floats

If there's one thing Utah does well, it's parade floats — and this history of excellence goes back a looooooong time.

Utah politicians rush to endorse DeSantis during Salt Lake City visit — who’s on the list?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis picked up a number of endorsements for his 2024 U.S. presidential campaign on Friday, July 21 as part of his scheduled appearance at a private barbecue fundraiser in Salt Lake City.

Utah’s ARUP Blood Services to ease restrictions on gay, bisexual male donors

ARUP marks the first blood donation service in Utah to follow the new federal guidelines.

Heat-related injuries rise as Utah temperatures soar

As temperatures climb to triple digits, local firefighters and medical professionals are educating Utahns about fire safety and heat-related injuries.

A massive, global cyberattack has reached Utah, so how can you protect your identity?

A massive data breach that initially exposed the personal details of millions of people in Oregon and Louisiana has now reached Utah.

Data from a major deployment of seismometers in 2020 is revealing new insights into the characteristics of the magma chamber beneath Yellowstone caldera, including how melt is distributed in the reservoir.

Over the past few years, several new insights into the character of Yellowstone’s magma reservoir have been published. These results are largely based on seismic data—particularly on the variable speed of seismic waves in the subsurface.

A Scientist Said Her Research Could Help With Repatriation. Instead, It Destroyed Native Remains.

Federal agencies have awarded millions of dollars to scientific studies on Native American human remains, undermining the goals of NAGPRA as tribes fight for repatriation.

Domestic violence on rise in Utah, U of U professor explains why

Domestic violence is a troubling situation around Utah, and unfortunately, it’s on the rise, according to a University of Utah professor. Domestic violence statistics gathered by found that 22 people were killed in the first six months of the year as a result of domestic violence.

Utah family warns others about burns from unexpected places as temperatures soar

This Pioneer Day heat wave is a big cause for concern as temperatures in many parts of the state remain in the triple digits or upper 90s.

Idling vehicles can compound pollution on bad air days, study says

A new study by researchers at the University of Utah found that emissions from idling vehicles in COVID-19 testing lines caused an increase in local pollution hotspots in the testing area.

Alysia Ducuara: Utah is one of the healthiest states in the nation — but we need to do more

Our culture of health is declining in Utah, and we need to move in the opposite direction to have the best quality of life.

Utah is young but still needs to get ready for a population that’s growing older

Even the youngest state in the nation grows old eventually.

Who Claims the American West?

A new exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum challenges the old mythology of the frontier.

A Vast Untapped Green Energy Source Is Hiding Beneath Your Feet

New experiments in the deserts of Utah and Nevada show how advances in fracking—technology developed by the oil industry—can be repurposed to tap clean geothermal energy anywhere on Earth.

Researchers say ‘earthquake swarms’ in central Utah linked to geothermal energy

A new study reveals most of Utah's earthquakes can't be felt. Larger earthquakes like the 2020 magnitude 5.7 in Magna cause damage and are felt in a wide area. But University of Utah researchers say most of the state's seismic activity comes in groups of much smaller shakes.

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