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News Clips | July 15-19, 2022

Every Breath You Take

UMFA exhibit explores the interconnected, should-be-but-often-isn't invisible world of Air.

University of Utah wants alumni to take in students, for $5K in rent each semester

The university will set up students with alumni willing to rent out living space.

988 Hotline Launches Nationwide

Tomorrow, 988 will rollout nationwide, a groundbreaking initiative conceptualized here in the State of Utah by Senator Daniel Thatcher, SafeUT, and Attorney General Sean D. Reyes.

Stay cool: Intense physical activity, record temperatures raise risk of heat stroke

Record high temperatures in Utah and elsewhere in the country mean people must take steps to protect themselves from heat stroke and heat exhaustion, particularly those whose activities involve intense physical exertion.

Ogden’s new O-Tech high school wants to narrow the gap between students and college

Students in the Ogden School District will soon have another option to finish out their high school years — at a building located on the Ogden-Weber Technical College campus.

Utah home values remain high as inventory increases, market cools

Despite inflation and rising interest rates impacting all Utah consumers, the state’s housing market remains active.

With the Great Salt Lake in peril, are golf courses a luxury Utah can no longer afford?

Yes, they devour millions of gallons of water, recreation managers concede, but they also bring environmental, wildlife and quality-of-life benefits.

Kansas and Missouri health care is saddling people of color with debt

Communities of color here face a burden of medical debt that dwarfs what white people experience, and what people of color experience in many other states.

As professionals flee antiabortion policies, red states face a brain drain

A few days ago, a university headhunter reached out to Elizabeth T. Jacobs, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Arizona, to gauge her interest in moving to a leading university in Texas.

Park City Museum receives grant from Utah Historical Advisory Board

The Park City Museum will be receiving a grant for $7,500 from the Utah Historical Advisory Board (USHRAB) as a part of their 2022 grant funding.

Can you train your brain to overcome depression, dementia and other challenges?

Brain games and brain training get mixed reviews. But there’s evidence to suggest that programs targeting speed, focus and accuracy can make a difference.

Join us for a conversation on electrification at the University of Utah

The Tribune, Rocky Mountain Power host event with Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall about electric cars and buildings in Utah.

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