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News Clips | January 8-11, 2022

University of Utah welcomes back students with new COVID-19 testing strategy

The University of Utah is welcoming back students starting Monday amid a COVID-19 case surge unlike any other seen in Utah.

Police investigating bomb threat against U of U Black Cultural Center

University of Utah Police are investigating a bomb threat made against the school's Black Cultural Center early Tuesday.

How the University of Utah has become a 'catalyst for innovation' in the Beehive State

The University of Utah last week released its 2021 Innovation Report, detailing how the university has a seemingly golden touch when it comes to startup companies.

The futuristic city of Telosa might be coming to Utah

Billionaire Marc Lore is looking at Utah as a potential home for his new city, Telosa.

Why are mice eating monarch butterflies in Pismo Beach?

When you think of mice, you might picture them nibbling on pieces of cheese — not chowing down on monarch butterflies.

Low birth weight among IVF babies unlikely to be driven by the reproductive technology

Children conceived through medically assisted reproduction are more likely to be born premature and are at greater risk of being born small than naturally conceived babies.

U of Utah Students Urge Crackdown on Racism on Campus

University of Utah students gathered outside the main administration building Friday to demand that university leaders take stronger action against racist incidents on campus, reported.

Could more remote work help Utah's bad air quality?

After a lengthy period of stormy weather, hazy skies and inversions will likely form over portions of Utah this week.

In-Depth: Can Utah's power grid keep up with electric vehicle growth?

As more electric vehicles (EVs) hit the road, the demand for electricity rises.

Utah Latinos trail other groups in COVID-19 vaccine rates. Here’s why.

About half of Utah Latinos are fully vaccinated, experts say access and COVID-19 misinformation are preventing some from getting the shot.

Here is where you need to wear a mask in Utah

Check here for the latest information on mask mandates throughout the state.

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