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News Clips | January 5-11, 2023

U. engineering school gets $50 million and a new name

New building and scholarships are coming to the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering.

The University of Utah's president/statistician-in-chief sees a rosy future for Ute football

He grew up as a stats geek. As a kid he'd go to Utes football games with his dad and grandmother and fill notepads charting yards-per-carry by the running backs, passing yardage, where passes were being thrown on the field and other arcane data. He was into analytics long before anyone called it analytics.

University of Utah announces plan to build 5,000 units by 2030, doubling amount of student housing

The University of Utah announced Tuesday that it is planning to build 5,000 additional student housing units over the next several years—a number that would double its current amount of on-campus housing.

The real cost of smoking by state

Smoking doesn’t just ruin your health. It can also burn a nasty hole through your wallet. Tobacco use accounts for nearly half a million deaths in the U.S. each year and is the leading cause of lung cancer, according to the American Lung Association.

Kem C. Garner Institute releases new state population projections

University of Utah's Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute released a projection on population growth of school- and college- age groups in the state over the next 40 years

Why do people go bald? Genetic discovery reveals why humans are hairless mammals

Why don’t humans have nearly as much hair as other mammals? From mice and horses to orangutans and chimpanzees, all other mammals display impressive coats of fur or hair, so why not us?

Strange solar powered antennas found on Utah foothills, owner unknown

Antennas have been found dotted in the foothills around Salt Lake City, Utah. Officials, which have begun slowly removing the systems, do not know who is behind the antennas - nor what they are meant to be used for.

‘Last nail in the coffin’: Utah’s Great Salt Lake on verge of collapse

It’s lost 73% of its water and is unable to sustain some wildlife – and could soon negatively affect human health.

When Does Posting Photos of Students Become a Data Privacy Problem?

Public schools are online just as much as their students, it seems, with profiles across social media.

Young climate activists are at the Utah Capitol, whether lawmakers see them or not.

Every Friday, every week, for the past three years, young climate activists have staged a silent protest in front of the Utah State Capitol. No matter the weather, they are there—on the off chance that someone in power might take notice.

Feeling sick? Here’s how different cold and flu drugs work

Understanding what different medications do to fight seasonal illnesses can help you find the right treatment.

Experts weigh in on dark trends in Utah murder-suicide cases

The tragedy that left eight dead in early January in an Enoch murder-suicide shines a light on an ongoing problem in Utah.

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