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News Clips | January 4, 2023

Win or lose, Rose Bowl boosts U of U at almost every level

Even though the Rose Bowl game didn’t go Utah’s way, it still delivers what University President Taylor Randall calls a “halo effect” to nearly every aspect of the school.

University of Utah police investigating break-in at on-campus apartment

University of Utah police are searching for a man accused of breaking into an on-campus apartment Tuesday morning.

Utah’s abortion ban could go into effect if lawmakers pass this new bill

In the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, Utah lawmakers from both parties are proposing new abortion bills during the state’s 2023 general legislative session.

Artificial Intelligence Can Help Nonprofits Reach More Donors, but Fundraisers Can’t Ignore Potential Pitfalls

My colleague always takes time to write thoughtful notes to donors to our university, and I am moved by the effort she puts into it. She takes the time to learn the names of each donor, and she researches their stories to craft each note.

Expert says small earthquakes don’t mean a bigger one is coming

In the past two days, there have been nine small earthquakes registered in northern Utah. Among those, was a 3.2 magnitude earthquake that registered 6 miles west of Logan on Tuesday.

How old is that water underground? Why the answer matters in the thirsty West

A U of U geophysicist determines the age of groundwater around the world, and how it affects supply and demand.

Indiana group helps mothers recently released from prison find housing and jobs

It’s been nearly a year since Savannah May was released from the Indiana Women’s Prison, and she’s looking for a job. She applied to one store, she said, and “then I applied to another store, and because of my background, I didn’t get it.”

Former Utah State athlete reflects on Damar Hamlin incident

Dr. John Ryan, a cardiologist and professor at the University of Utah, says that it’s unlikely for someone to survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Ryan says that nine out ten people don’t survive and that every minute counts when it comes to survival and reducing the possibility of brain damage.

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