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News Clips | January 4, 2022

Mysterious Structures Near Earth's Core Could Be Legacy Of Moon-Forming Impact

Thin structures that dramatically slow the passage of seismic waves have been identified where Earth’s outer core meets the mantle.

Visualizing the unseen

Scientific illustrations help to communicate complex information and data across disciplines.

Can video games relieve depression in older adults? University of Utah study to find out.

Could playing video games help with depression in older adults when medication doesn’t seem to work?

Guns involved in most of Utah's 2021 homicides

For the second year in a row, violence spiked both in Utah and nationwide in 2021.

‘A black box’: Emergency medics remain locked out of electronic health records

A few years back, Travis Ogden’s ambulance crew raced to revive a 4-year-old who’d drowned, the color starting to return to her lips as they rushed to the hospital.

5 things you should know about COVID-19 in Utah right now

As recommendations change, here is what Utah experts want you to know.

Anthropologists study the energetics of uniquely human subsistence strategies

A group of anthropologists from UC Santa Barbara, the University of Utah and Duke University have teamed up on a research study to understand the strategies humans developed for obtaining that extra energy.

Is it ethical to ask about COVID vaccine status?

Imagine you see a trolley barreling towards five people who are unable to move from the tracks.

University of Utah Health to cancel all elective inpatient surgeries due to COVID case surge, staff illnesses, internal e-mail says

The unparalleled surge in COVID-19 patients, coupled with soaring infection rates among medical workers is forcing University of Utah Health to cancel all elective inpatient surgeries starting Jan. 5 through the Jan. 14, and most likely for the next few weeks.

Gov. Cox wants more Utahns to graduate from college. Here’s how.

Institutions in the state also have programs to close the graduation rate gap for women and students of color.

Fired U of U researcher exposes breaches in student data

Dr. Judith Zimmerman knew she was fired for doing the right thing.

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