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News Clips | January 28, 2022

Extremely Rare "Intermediate" Black Hole Found Orbiting Nearby Andromeda

The vast majority of black holes we have observed are in two very different classes.

U of U clinic helps address reading loss during the pandemic

Kathy Hall did everything she could think of to make sure her daughter Janie excelled in reading, but something wasn’t clicking and when Janie’s class had to go remote… it got worse.

Utah professor: Supreme Court nominee short list features great options

The short list of options for a nominee to replace Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer offers some intriguing choices, according to a law professor at the University of Utah.

‘Money off the backs of poor people:’ How does corporate rental ownership affect Utah housing?

It seems like they’re everywhere: shiny, new apartment and townhome complexes–most with the same blocky, modern facades.

Winter Olympics: Games in Beijing first to ever use 100 percent fake snow

The forecast for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing: Cold with a 100 percent chance of fake snow.

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