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News Clips | January 20-29, 2024

The E. Jean Carroll Verdict Exposes the Limits of Libel Law

In the days since a New York jury ordered Donald Trump to pay $83.3 million in damages to the libel plaintiff E. Jean Carroll, the question has been whether the dollar amount was high enough to put a stop to his lies.

Utah bill may threaten Ute Tribe’s agreement with the U., Native tuition waivers

The Senate sponsor of HB261 says “we’re just not sure” of the full impacts of the fast-tracked measure.

Amid Push to Ban DEI in Utah, Its Top Higher-Ed Official Warns of ‘Untested’ Outcome

A sweeping bill that targets public colleges’ diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in Utah is likely to be approved by the state’s Senate this week.

Ramón Barthelemy: DEI may be misunderstood, but our work continues

DEI is not meant to exclude anyone or privilege one group, but rather it is the insurance that we include everyone.

University of Utah accused of hiring discrimination

The University of Utah was hit with a lawsuit accusing it of systematically denying certain job applicants who allegedly do not qualify as “diversity hires.”

Visiting University of Utah professor William Anderegg speaks on climate change factors

Dying forests, destructive wildfires and mass extinction—these are just some of many problems faced by ecosystems around the globe due to climate change. Stories of a dying Earth have dominated headlines for years.

Can menopause be delayed indefinitely? This University of Utah professor’s mathematical model predicts it’s possible

Maintaining ovarian function later in life may delay or prevent cardiovascular disease, diminished bone density, obesity and other health issues associated with menopause, U. mathematician says.

'Ninety-Five Senses,' co-written by University of Utah professor, nominated for an Oscar

One Utah Professor is part of a group receiving one of the film industry's highest honors.

Utah’s anti-DEI bill passes Senate in last major vote, paving way to overhaul diversity programs in education, government

HB261 will need final approval from the Utah House on amendments before it’s expected to be signed by Utah Gov. Spencer Cox.

Transgender bathroom, DEI replacement bills clear final Senate votes

A pair of controversial bills on transgender bathroom access and replacing offices of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on college campuses have cleared final votes in the Utah State Senate.

Utah class sizes are the largest in the nation. What that can mean for students

Utah's ratio is 22.4 students to one teacher, according to the university's report. The national average is 15.4 students to one teacher, according to the data collected in 2021.

Sundance 2024: University of Utah film among select short documentaries

The project was realized in collaboration with University of Utah Health and its Native American Summer Research Internship (NARI) program, made possible by a generous grant from the Kahlert Foundation.

'An issue of humanity': U. students defend diversity efforts; committee, nevertheless, recommends change

As the proposed legislative overhaul of diversity, equity and inclusion programming at Utah's universities speeds through the Utah Legislature, some college students are raising their voices against the change.

Utah’s growth remains strong, thanks to people from out of state

A recent University of Utah study shows Utah is continuing to grow thanks to people moving in from out of state. In the last year, those moving to Utah accounted for 56% of the Beehive State’s population increase.

Is Utah ready for the next damaging earthquake?

With a new U.S. Geological Survey report shows nearly 75 percent of the United States could experience a damaging earthquake, but what exactly does that mean for Utah?

Roadmap to Prosperity dashboard shows steady economic growth for Utah heading into 2024

Steady job growth, improved consumer sentiment and airport passenger increase were the 3 highlights of the economic report.

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