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News Clips | January 19-23, 2023

Wildlife corridors between parks can help species live hundreds of generations longer, study finds

Researchers have new evidence that enhancing wildlife connectivity between national parks in the West would help animals live hundreds of generations longer.

Exhibit explores identity and environment from the perspective of at-risk youths

“We Are All Water” is on display at the Day-Riverside Branch of the Salt Lake City library system.

'In Search of Blue Sky'

In Search of Blue Sky is a temporary public artwork by Artist Wendy Wischer, in collaboration with Atmospheric Scientist John Lin and Poet Lindsey Webb.

Natural History Museum of Utah aims to include Indigenous voice in collections

With funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU) is working to center Indigenous knowledge in its collections.

Here’s how Utah ketamine clinics are trying to fill ‘clear gaps’ in mental health care

Many ketamine treatments are ‘off-label,’ without established dosages, yet they’ve become widely available at clinics in Utah and across the country.

Why You Do Your Best Thinking in the Shower

You can spark creativity by allowing your mind to wander.

Slamdance Film Festival Returns for 29th Year with In-Person and Online Programming

The Slamdance Film Festival will return for its 29th year in 2023. The festival will take place in-person in Park City and Salt Lake City, from January 20th to 26th, and will also be available online on the Slamdance Channel from January 23rd to 29th.

Fight Dry Skin This Winter With These Moisturizing Products

During the winter season, Utah air becomes extremely dry, making the task of keeping your skin moisturized extremely difficult.

Online dating safety bill advances through Utah House of Representatives committee

A bill going through the Utah State Legislature aims to keep people safe on dating apps. House Bill 18 passed in the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Standing Committee Friday afternoon.

5 unbelievable stories of wild animal encounters in Utah

As you're exploring the great outdoors in Utah, you'll likely come across a variety of wildlife, especially with the heavy snowpack pushing many animals to lower elevations. notes that the state is home to more than 600 species of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians.

'Use your voice': Elected female officials mentor women to get involved

Sandy Mayor Monica Zoltanski didn't picture herself as a government leader. Originally a city prosecutor in Sandy, Zoltanski first got involved in local government issues when she started the Keep Dimple Dell Wild initiative in 2017 that stopped the city from paving a trail in Sandy.

Advocates encourage tackling taboo of domestic violence, normalizing conversations

Despite the American public ranking domestic violence as one of the most serious national issues, many still consider the topic too taboo to discuss.

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