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News Clips | January 12-13, 2023

$50 Million Gifts Received By Harvard Medical School, University Of Utah Engineering

The Harvard Medical School and the University of Utah College of Engineering have both announced receiving historic $50 million donations this week.

Why do we get our best ideas in the shower?

The science of shower thoughts teaches us the importance of mind-wandering for creativity.

University of Utah to add 5,000 new on-campus housing units by 2030

The University of Utah is looking to breathe new life into its 170-year-old campus. The school is teaming up with a private company to double on-campus housing.

Researchers: Wildlife crossings critical for animals survival, proper design necessary

Three recent scientific studies highlight not only how important wildlife crossing structures are but also that crossing structures are less useful if their design doesn’t encourage wildlife to use them.

Do you need a boost to capture joy in your life? Try these tips from “Happiness 101″.

Harvard professor and author Arthur Brooks loves Utah for its “constructive spirit,” and shares his life tips with U. of U. students.

Is it time to stop saying 'aloha' and other culturally sensitive words out of context?

"Aloha." "Hola." "Shalom." These are ways to say "hello" in Hawaiian, Spanish and Hebrew, respectively. But just because you can say something doesn't mean it's always appropriate. On the surface, simple greetings and phrases from other races and cultures may seem fine to sprinkle into our vernacular. Inclusive even.

Risk of Autism Associated With When and Where Forebears Lived

Where and when grandparents and parents of children were born could contribute to an increased risk of ASD in their offspring.

Housing—its short supply and cost—will continue to grip Utah’s 2023 economy

In its report to the governor, The Utah Economic Council says interest rates will set the pace.

Grab a coat and check out one of these weekend events near you!

It's been a week filled with gray skies and wet weather in Utah but you can make your weekend plans shine bright with an event happening near you!

Recent study shows COVID-19 vaccine safe for children with MIS-C

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, or MIS-C, is a life-threatening COVID-19 complication that presents in one of every 3-4,000 children infected with COVID-19 (according to the CDC), disproportionately affecting Black and Hispanic populations.

What's in store for Utah's economy in 2023? Growth or recession?

A collaboration of the University of Utah's David Eccles School of Business and the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget, the economic council's 2023 report retreats from its past approach of presenting a single best estimate of Utah's economic path and instead poses three possible scenarios for the months ahead.

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