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News Clips | February 8, 2022

20 years later, what is the lasting legacy of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics?

For better or worse, the 2002 Games ushered in an era of change for Utah.

Covid-19 Raises Risk Of Pregnancy Complications—Including Death Around Birth, Preterm Delivery And Postpartum Hemorrhage—Study Finds

Pregnant people infected with Covid appear to be more likely to experience serious complications or die during pregnancy than those who aren’t infected with the coronavirus, according to new peer reviewed research published in JAMA, which researchers said underscores the need for people to get vaccinated.

Utah was one of the last states to recognize MLK Day. Will the Legislature make Juneteenth a state holiday?

Juneteenth is currently recognized as an official holiday in a handful of states.

Utah colleges look to rural Utahns and adult learners to keep enrollment trends up

While managing to so far avoid nationwide trends in declining college enrollment, Utah colleges are looking to remain ahead of the curve by expanding their outreach and marketing efforts.

If political cash leads to political clout, then the west side’s power is growing in SLC

Diverse candidates raised more money for their campaigns. Will that translate to results at City Hall?

Women are leaving their husbands for girlfriends

According to sexual fluidity researcher Lisa Diamond, the delayed awakening to same-sex inclination is not uncommon.

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