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News Clips | February 8-13, 2023

Researchers want to create a dust shield in space to fight climate change

Imagine a world where global warming on Earth has meaningfully diminished. Fossil fuels are on the back burner. Affordable renewable energy sources run most of our activities. Oh, and there’s a cannon on the moon shooting lunar dust into space to help partially shield sunlight to Earth.

University of Utah public safety officials discuss 'reimagining policing'

The head of public safety at the University of Utah said the police department has made changes to keep students and faculty members safe.

Energy secretary touts Utah geothermal project, sees green path to U.S. energy independence

Granholm says the Biden Administration isn’t giving up on fossil fuels too soon, as evidenced by record U.S. oil production.

Students opposing canyon gondola urge classmates to 'hear all sides,' then 'take action'

Utahns are divided over whether or not the state should build a gondola to take skiers to Snowbird and Alta. Some will do anything to cut the traffic, others want only to preserve the canyon.

3 ways building design can elevate bold thinking and entrepreneurial cultures

When we understand how to blur the expectations of spaces, and allow rooms to be used for varied, creative pursuits, we can not only design a stronger educational experience, but a stronger world.

Some find Salt Lake City crosswalk flags ‘demeaning.’ Do drivers actually stop for them?

As officials gear up to again promote the longstanding, bright orange flags, some question how effective they are.

Fact check: No link between Air Force cadet's death, COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. Yazan Abou-Ismail, a hematologist at the University of Utah, and Abigail Capobianco, a Food and Drug Administration spokesperson, previously told USA TODAY that the Pfizer vaccine doesn't cause blood clots. The Moderna vaccine also hasn't been shown to increase the risk of blood clots, according to the University of Utah Health.

Newsrooms need to do more to protect journalists from online harassment

Women journalists and journalists of color are particularly vulnerable to online harassment, research shows. Many advocates and researchers have called on news organizations to protect journalists when they're attacked on social media.

How COVID changed the way that Utah couples meet, date and fall in love.

The pandemic made dating more intentional for many singles, says Loni Harmon, a licensed therapist known locally as The Dating Counselor. "[Many people] had a heightened awareness that they wanted a partner and became clearer with what they were looking for," Harmon said

The high cost of diabetes drugs has led to a flourishing black market

To save money on insulin and diabetes equipment, people are turning to online groups where strangers offer their extra supplies.

The first completely recycled titanium manufacturer in the U.S. scheduled to be operational in South Boston by the end of 2023

The CEO of IperionX discusses the titanium recycling process and the company’s investment in Halifax County. The titanium manufacturer is projected to bring 108 jobs to the area.

Best Hair Growth Products: Top 5 Follicle Boosters Most Recommended By Experts

Hair loss is an issue that many of us will experience with age, regardless of gender. No matter what age, it can be very disconcerting to discover that your once previously luscious head of hair is beginning to disappear.

University of Utah K9 Zarah bomb detection dog passes away unexpectedly

University of Utah's K9 Zarah, a bomb detection dog for the school has passed away unexpectedly. Zarah passed away following a brief illness on Wednesday, according to the the university's safety Twitter account.

Hungry? If you’re at the University of Utah, have a robot bring you a snack

It was lunchtime on a busy Friday at the University of Utah. MiKo Nielson needed food but didn’t have the time or energy to go anywhere. But Nielson had another option—food delivered by an autonomous robot.

Yellowstone recognized as one of the First 100 IUGS World Geological Heritage Sites

Yellowstone is well known as a unique and exceptional ecological environment—its nickname is “Wonderland” for a reason. At a recent meeting of the International Union of Geological Sciences, Yellowstone was also recognized for its spectacular geological heritage.

Utah expert explains connection between Ukraine and Turkey quake

University of Utah Professor Amos Guoira spoke Thursday on Inside Sources about the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in a region near Syria and Turkey.

Weight loss surgery may raise life expectancy

For individuals with obesity, weight loss surgery may prevent premature death and improve chances of having a longer life.

Are touch screens getting out of control?

As recently as 10 years ago, touch screens in cars were tiny — if they were there at all.

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