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News Clips | February 4-6, 2023

‘Utah Innovation Lab’ would be a state-sponsored angel investor for university startups

Legislation would create a nonprofit to take early stakes in companies, most of which don’t pan out.

As climate change and overuse shrink Lake Powell, the emergent landscape is coming back to life – and posing new challenges

As Western states haggle over reducing water use because of declining flows in the Colorado River Basin, a more hopeful drama is playing out in Glen Canyon.

Here’s how the Legislature intends to improve the lives of Utah moms

The Legislature is considering bills that would expand Medicaid for pregnant women and allow additional benefits by counting a fetus as a child.

The Zombie Fungus From "The Last of Us" Is Real, Scientists Say—Here's What We Know

HBO's new hit drama series The Last of Us has become a water-cooler show on the strength of its storytelling—it depicts a society in decline after an infectious fungus begins turning people into zombies.

Andy Larsen: How is Utah’s economy doing? Here are three clues.

Income tax revenues are way up, while economic confidence is down, but rebounding.

ANALYSIS: How Innovative Law Schools Are Closing the Justice Gap

Joining law firms, nonprofits, and state bar associations in the effort to close the justice gap, law schools are leveraging the talent of law students by providing legal representation, developing free resources, expanding access to justice, and improving the accessibility of law schools.

The remote workers have left, but the housing havoc they created remains

Small and midsize rural communities had some of the biggest increases in home prices in the first two years of the pandemic, driven by out-of-town buyers.

Opinion: The Great Salt Lake can be saved. This is how we do it

The Great Salt Lake Strike Team, made up of Utah’s research universities and state agencies, will release an assessment on Feb. 8 detailing options for the lake.

Salt Lake City rents remain high, for now

In the fourth quarter of 2022, the average asking rent in the Salt Lake City metro was $1,321, up 7.5% from a year earlier, per economic research firm Moody's Analytics.

Do you think debt consolidation is a good move for someone with bad credit?

If a consumer is beginning to fall behind making the minimum monthly payments on loans, debt consolidation can be a way to catch up on payments.

Study: Weight loss surgery reduces risk of obesity-related deaths

Bariatric weight-loss surgery plays a role in helping to reduce death from conditions with risks increased by obesity.

Signs Your Prescription Drugs May Be Making You Sick, Including Headache

It’s not just prescription drug abuse; your regular meds may be a problem.

Best debt consolidation loans for bad credit

The best debt consolidation loans for bad credit offer large dollar amounts and relatively low APRs, allowing borrowers to combine their high-interest debts into one balance with a lower monthly payment.

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