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News Clips | February 4, 2022

This 20-Year-Old Study Explains How the Best Leaders Avoid the Biggest Challenge of the Pandemic

Juggling countless disparate tasks is often key to success in the early days of company building. That starts with role and boundary definition.

Biden Order to Mandate Union Pacts for Federal Projects Over $35 Million

Project labor agreements, covering everything from pay, workplace conditions to worker qualifications, will raise wages and training standards, the White House says.

What’s my fee again? Auditor says Utah college charges lack accountability

A recent audit from the Utah Office of the State Auditor has once again found issues with how the state’s public colleges and universities implement and assess fees for students.

Utah's Shrinking Great Salt Lake Could Be Headed for Ecological Disaster

The Great Salt Lake's slow-motion shrinking doesn't just spell environmental disaster for millions of migrating birds, it would also cause billions of dollars in economical fallout.

Layered Zone Beneath Coral Sea Suggests Ancient Magma Ocean

Scientists studying South Pacific earthquakes suggest that an ultralow-velocity zone at the core-mantle boundary may be a remnant of a molten early Earth.

Why knowing how much your colleagues earn could be a good thing

Would you like to know how much your colleagues earn? What if they knew your salary?

Anonymous app 'flooded' with stories of sex assault after U of U frat incident

Even before the University of Utah sent out an alert last week that a sexual assault was being investigated at a fraternity house, an app that allows users to post anonymously was lighting up with similar stories.

Utah doctors report omicron variant impacting mental health

Two doctors at the University of Utah say the omicron variant is really affecting people’s mental health.

Strengthen education and industry in Utah to prevent a crisis

Partnerships in government and industry work to create sustained economic growth in Utah.

Is violence against the government ever justified? New poll shows what Utahns think

A violent mob attacked the U.S. Capitol a year ago last month, and nearly a quarter of Utahns say there are times when violence against the government is justified.

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