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News Clips | February 26-28, 2022

Why “greening” cities can make gentrification worse—and often doesn’t help the environment either

Urban renewal under the guise of “going green” isn’t working—for the environment, or for residents.

Researcher: Video, info from Russian invasion could be used as propaganda, psychological operations

Social media has brought the front lines of the Russian invasion into Ukraine closer to home than ever before, with up-to-the-minute updates and graphic videos of the toll that has been inflicted.

8 Utah artists whose work is on display in some very famous buildings

Utah has an impressive legacy of incredibly talented artists who've left their mark on the world.

Poll: Utahns feeling inflation the most when it comes to basic life necessities

As U.S inflation continues setting records, Russian invasion of Ukraine could drive some prices even higher.

Utah researchers see 'exciting' results treating opioid addiction with 'mindfulness'

A University of Utah clinical trial suggests that "mindfulness" is useful in decreasing opioid misuse and reducing symptoms of chronic pain.

Complaint alleges Salt Lake City councilman broke campaign laws to get elected

Runner-up Billy Palmer accuses victor Alejandro Puy of failing to disclose all expenditures and secretly collaborating with a PAC in the west-side race.

How do Utahns rate the national and state economies? New poll has answers

When it comes to the current state of the economy, it turns out Utahns are far more optimistic about what's happening in their home state versus the rest of the country.

Need for affordable housing runs up against Utah zoning laws

A growing chorus of experts say middle housing, a class of multifamily housing options that falls between single-family homes and large apartment complexes, is a vital instrument in the fight against unaffordable housing.

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