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News Clips | February 24-27, 2023

Sonia Salari and Annie Isabel Fukushima: More needs to be done to address domestic violence

We have gained experience on how to deal with domestic violence but more resources are needed.

Animals' medical superpowers

There are examples from across the animal kingdom of medical marvels – animals whose behaviors and diet may point to ways in which humans might reduce heart disease, or ward off dementia.

U of U professor shares rarely told background of Black Utah pioneer

More eyes are taking a closer look at Black history stories and their ties to Utah. One story that is high on the list is about a Black pioneer named Green Flake.

Will Utah's Great Salt Lake disappear?

Utah's Great Salt Lake doesn't look so "great" these days. This place where tourists once bobbed up and down like corks in water far saltier than the ocean is now quite literally turning to dust.

Recognizing Salt Lake City's Black history-makers

When Black History Month kicked off this year, we asked for suggestions for the Black leaders making history in Utah today—and wow, did you deliver!

Opinion: Before this limestone quarry moves forward, here’s what you should know about the dust

The limestone quarry in Parleys Canyon could have health and environmental impacts all residents should be aware of.

Bill to cover fertility preservation for state employees with cancer nears finish line

A legislator works to extend a benefit to public workers that already exists for cancer patients on Medicaid.

NBA Foundation awarding $1 million to nonprofits serving Black Utahns

All-Star Weekend may be over, but the NBA Foundation left behind almost $1 million to boost Utah's Black community.

Is Biden's student debt forgiveness fair?

US President Joe Biden wants to cancel billions of dollars of federal student loans.

Andy Larsen: Yes, we can save enough water to preserve the Great Salt Lake. Here’s how.

The experts spell out solutions that will work, but they will require money and sacrifice.

How to Greenwash an Attack on a Major Environmental Law

An effort to whittle down the National Environmental Protection Act isn’t new—but the arguments for doing so sure are.

Lawmakers approve $5 million settlement in death of first-year University of Utah international student

Zhifan Dong, 19, died in a downtown hotel of a heroin and fentanyl overdose, allegedly injected by her boyfriend, who now faces murder charges.

Wearable gadgets could interfere with cardiac devices, U of U study shows

A new study from the University of Utah shows that, for a small group of individuals who have implantable cardiac electronic devices, some wearable gadgets could put their health at risk.

Will Utah's big storm help sell the state as a permanent Olympic host?

Fraser Bullock now has plenty to report when it comes to snow during a planned update next week to the International Olympic Committee about Utah's bid for the 2030 or 2034 Winter Games.

Here’s how Utah is spending your money

Utah Legislature poised to approve $28 billion budget.

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