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News Clips | February 24, 2022

New U. partnership with Idaho National Lab is the ‘engineering Rose Bowl’

Partnership with a national lab gives the University of Utah the opportunity to research cybersecurity.

Dust clouds are killing people out West—and the dangers could spread

A team of scientists takes on the big threats posed by tiny particles out West.

Utah-based Qualtrics made $1 billion last year selling personal data in a unique way

Qualtrics has a mission to collect personal data to improve your work and customer experiences—but what does that mean?

Jeffrey Epstein victim Courtney Wild's case to throw out secret plea deal stops at high court

For more than 13 years, Palm Beach County resident Courtney Wild has been battling to prove that federal prosecutors violated the law by cutting a secret deal that allowed Jeffrey Epstein to escape serious punishment for sexually abusing her and dozens of other teens at his Palm Beach mansion.

Can ‘magic mushrooms’ make the trip to legal in conservative Utah?

Rep. Brady Brammer warns his colleagues they don’t want to be left “flat-footed” in the debate over psychedelics.

Utah House passes concurrent resolution condemning antisemitism as incidents rise

The Utah House of Representatives unanimously passed a concurrent resolution Wednesday condemning antisemitism, as acts have risen across and state and nationwide.

Is there hidden treasure in Utah? New show hopes to find out

With tales of lost mines, buried Aztec gold, and paranormal activity, Utah has long been a mecca for treasure hunters and adventure seekers of all kinds.

Lone Peak students work together to define community through glass art mural

Lone Peak fourth-grade student Tess Holmstead layered light pieces of green glass together while her friend Summer Jolley tried for a balance of the light and dark shades of green.

Hard pivot toward Trump proves costly for red-state ally

Utah Sen. Mike Lee faces a groundswell of opposition. His relationship with Donald Trump is at the center of it.

Dangers on the dark web: Law enforcement concerned about easy access to deadly drugs

The dark web is a secretive part of the internet people typically use for conducting illegal activity anonymously.

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