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News Clips | February 19-22, 2022

A recent incident highlights Utah’s long and troubled history of racism

Racism helped shaped the state’s schools and culture.

Sarah Palin Loses Twice to the New York Times

RonNell Andersen Jones, a professor of law at the University of Utah, discusses the verdict in Sarah Palin's case against the New York Times.

How COVID-19 can harm pregnancy and reproductive health

Severe outcomes are uncommon, but serious infections—or long COVID afterward—can endanger mothers and their babies.

Human Brain Doesn't Slow Down Until After Age of 60

If you get to middle age feeling like your brain is slowing down, it might just be in your head. Because it’s actually not in your head.

Hi-Tech Eyeglasses with Auto-Adjusting Water Lenses

They adjust according to the distance of what you're looking at.

Deep Cleaning Won’t Save Us From COVID, and Now We Know Why

This is our best evidence yet for why we need to start concentrating heavily on ventilation and preventing airborne transmission.

$20M plan hopes to improve Utah’s ‘best of the worst’ student reading rates

The statistics are sobering. Nationally, between 24 and 49% of fourth graders can’t read at grade level.

Books and movies for Black History Month—for all ages

Have you ever considered watching Men in Black or The Princess and the Frog for Black History Month?

When the need for affordable housing runs up against zoning laws

Middle housing is considered vital to addressing the state’s housing crisis, but there’s a problem: 88% of Salt Lake County zoning won’t allow it.

U of U Health launches contest to encourage open and honest discussions of mental health

The Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI) in collaboration with University of Utah Health, the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE), and the Utah Film Center are excited to announce the kick-off of “Healing Out Loud.”

COVID hospitalizations drop drastically in 2 weeks, but risk still prevalent, doctors say

Utah health workers have yet to experience a reprieve after nearly two years of maximum capacity at hospitals, but COVID-19 numbers are dropping, which means hospitalizations will likely follow suit.

Team USA can thank Utah for most of its Olympic medals in Beijing

19 Olympians with Utah ties won medals at the Winter Games.

Study shows LGBTQ women disparity in education and income compared to straight women

LGBTQIA+ youth say they often experience bullying, exclusion and discrimination in schools that can put them at psychological and physical risk, and limit their education.

Snapchat, crypto, and gun violence: A look at Utah's young gang problem

Juveniles and young adults joining gangs isn't new, but gang police and criminal defense attorney says it's getting worse in Utah.

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