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News Clips | February 16-23, 2023

‘Incredibly damning:’ Fox News documents stun some legal experts

The disclosure of behind-the-scenes emails and texts greatly increased the chances that Dominion will wins its $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox, experts say.

University of Utah to pay millions after the death of international student Zhifan Dong

The school has acknowledged its “shortcomings in its response to this complex situation.” The agreement will have to be approved by lawmakers.

2021’s park surge spurs record $10.6B in Utah tourism economy, report finds

The surge in tourism spending represents a 42.5% increase from 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down global traveling.

U of U students, officials prepare for continued snow

Commuting across campus in the snow comes with the territory of being a college student in Utah. Still, walking in this weather is not pleasant.

How Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers May Interfere With Pacemakers and Implanted Devices

Researchers say there is a possibility that fitness trackers on smartphones can interfere with the workings of implanted devices such as pacemakers.

University of Utah receives $100,000 for black students involved in campus programs

The University of Utah is getting $100,000 in grants as part of NBA All-Star Weekend. The NBA and PepsiCo are each making $50,000 donations to programs for black students on campus.

University of Utah included in University Innovation Alliance project to help students succeed in critical college courses

The group of 15 public research institutions have been awarded $3.5 million to diagnose and address high dropout and failure rates in college gateway courses.

University of Utah AI, Machine Learning Projects Receive Research Funding

A set of grants supported by the New One Utah Data Science Hub will support seven University of Utah artificial intelligence and machine learning projects.

The era of affirmative action may be over soon. How would it affect college campuses in Utah?

College sophomore Ta'Mariah Jenkins says she can tell when her peers at Utah State University expect her to be "the funny Black girl." She sometimes sees people go out of their way to be friends with her just to hear her say something "out of pocket."

Utah Is Searching for Forced Sterilization Survivors in the State to... ‘Apologize’

One victim was sterilized for allegedly cheating on her husband; another, a Black incarcerated man, for being an “accused homosexual.” There were more than 800.

Opinion: A doctor’s take on Utah’s proposed bill to legalize medical ‘magic mushrooms’

SB200, a proposed bill currently in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, would authorize the production and medical use of psilocybin in the state.

How Power Plant Emissions Affect Cloud Formation in Utah Mountains (and Likely Elsewhere)

Humans have been altering the planet in many ways, from the extreme weather of climate change to the destruction of wildlife habitat and ecosystems.

NASA: Snow and Haze in Utah – Why Salt Lake City is One of the Most Polluted Cities in the US

With a population of 1.2 million people, the Salt Lake City metropolitan area is relatively small. However, outbreaks of smog and particle pollution occasionally make its air among the most polluted in the United States.

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