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News Clips | February 14-15, 2023

How do pandemics begin? There's a new theory—and a new strategy to thwart them

The illness struck the little baby suddenly. It was a hot, sticky day late in the summer of 2017. Only 5 months old at the time, her little boy was a peaceful infant, his mother recalls. "He didn't make much of a fuss."

University of Utah study points to moon dust as a possible way to slow climate change

A new University of Utah study proposes an interesting solution to limit the effects of climate change: using moon dust to shield the Earth from the sun.

Survivors Of Utah’s Eugenics Program Are Alive In 2023 Without An Apology

Approximately 54 people who were forcibly sterilized in Utah’s eugenics program are still alive in 2023, according to a new analysis.

Biden Administration Bets $74 Million on 'Enhanced' Geothermal Power

The Energy Department grant aims to cut the cost of new geothermal systems that generate electricity from heat miles underground.

CDC data shows why lawmakers are worried about the mental health of Utah’s youth

Teenage girls nationwide are experiencing record high levels of sadness and violence, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The trend also holds true in Utah, where girls are feeling persistently sad at a higher rate than boys.

Meet the 2023 40 Under 40 honorees

Each year, Utah Business celebrates professionals who are changing Utah’s business landscape in big ways—and they’re all under 40 years old. Join us in a round of applause for these accomplished individuals and the ways they’re elevating the future of business throughout the state.

Salt Lake City Was Once so Polluted It Had 'Air You Can Chew'

Because of industrialization over the years, many big cities are covered in smog. This dense covering of harmful gases in the sky can have all kinds of negative health effects, including an increased risk for lung diseases and cancer.

The 4th Node: New podcast digs into Utah’s fascinating tech history

What do you know about Utah’s role in the birth of the internet? Or the creation of mega-companies like Adobe, Pixar, Novell and WordPerfect?

Utah professor explains difference between weather balloons and recent mysterious airborne objects

The U.S. military has shot down four unidentified objects in North American airspace so far this month. The latest happened over the weekend, over Lake Huron in Michigan.

Utah’s tourist industry booms following pandemic

New data from the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute at The University of Utah has shown that Utah’s tourist industry has not only recovered following the 2020 COVID pandemic, it has boomed.

Overall inflation eased a bit in January but price pressures continue

Annual inflation ticked down to 6.4% in the past year but monthly prices actually rose as U.S. economy remains overheated.

Could legalizing psychoactive mushrooms cut down on opioid epidemic?

A new bill in the Utah legislature would legalize psychoactive mushrooms in a way that is similar to the state’s marijuana laws.

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