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News Clips | February 10, 2022

Why Beijing lacks snow, and how climate change has the Winter Olympics on a slippery slope

There’s no lack of cold for this year’s Olympics, but limited natural snow is an enduring challenge for the games.


As it does each four years, the Winter Olympics has seized our attention as the world’s best athletes take to the snow and ice.

Utah ranked sixth for stress. Local expert explains, offers tips

Utah is known far and wide for our vast array of outdoor activities and beautiful, natural locations—from the red rocks of Southern Utah to the snowy peaks of the Wasatch.

Only Under The Inca Empire Did Sociopolitical Factors Dampen Local Climate’s Influence On Diet

A new study led by University of Utah anthropologists provides a blueprint to systematically untangle and evaluate the power of both climate and population size on the varied diets across a region in the past.

Dark-sky advocates confront threats from above and below

Astronomers are working to reduce the impact on the night sky of artificial lighting and swarms of shiny satellites.

This Adidas sports bra campaign is going viral for its diverse representation of boobs

Sports bras are often made with one breast type in mind. This new campaign is challenging that.

'Don't say gay:' Sex education fuels US culture wars

Swelling mobilization by American conservatives over what is taught in schools has led several states to push for new curbs on what educators can discuss related to sexual and gender identity.

Census says frontline workers prone to pendemic-related anxiety, depression

Officials of the U.S. Census Bureau here report that the percentage of American adults reporting mental disorders more than tripled during the coronavirus pandemic.

No clear evidence that COVID vaccines are responsible for strange blood clots observed by embalmers

A handful of embalmers claim they started noticing strange blood clots in bodies after the COVID-19 pandemic began, with some attributing it to the vaccine.

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