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News Clips | February 1-2, 2023

Here’s the latest on that big hospital coming to WVC—and why it differs from other U. centers

The university wants this complex to not only provide access to better health care for west-siders but also better jobs and educational opportunities.

University of Utah outlines how students should utilize ChatGPT's AI technology

Artificial intelligence is advancing to the point where it can literally complete assignments and write essays for students—and that poses quite a conundrum for education entities.

AAC&U Elects Seven New Directors and Board Officers

The American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) has elected seven new directors and new board officers at its 2023 Annual Meeting, including Dr. Mary Ann Villarreal as chair of its Board of Directors.

Unbalanced Allele Expression Associated with Mutation, Disease

A study identifies nearly 3,000 genes where one allele tends to be expressed more than the other, but the findings ignited controversy in the field.

What is a bod pod? How it can help you on your fitness journey

Have you ever heard of a bod pod? Daniel, with PEAK Health & Fitness at the University of Utah, spoke to Kari about how this machine can help you on your fitness journey.

Think the housing market is bad? It’s even worse for affordable housing builders

Utah’s housing shortage—and thus its affordability crisis—is only expected to get worse as market constricts.

Local U.S. Drugstores Lack Antibiotics, Children’s Medicines and Adderall

Over 80% of pharmacies surveyed had shortages of these drugs. Drug shortages reached a high at end of 2022, researchers say.

Inflation war: Federal Reserve eases back but continues streak of interest rate hikes

The Federal Reserve instituted its 8th straight interest rate hike Wednesday.

Learn about how landforms respond to human noise

Not only do rock landforms such as arches move, but their movement responds to human activity.

Utah athletic department rebounds from COVID year as football revenue tops $75M

The University of Utah's athletic department has rebounded well—and grown—since its COVID-disrupted year, according to the latest fiscal report released by the university in January. And it has the success of the football program to largely thank for it.

A promising cancer therapy saved this Utahn’s life. How will more people access the same care?

CAR-T cell therapy uses a person’s own cells as a weapon against cancer.

Letter: Who is Lincoln Fillmore’s proposed developer protection law serving?

Lincoln Fillmore has recently made the news with a bill proposal that thumbs its nose at local government in favor of giving state protection for home developers to sprawl as they please with little regard to local business development and public infrastructure.

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