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News Clips | December 9-13, 2022

Taking inspiration from nature to make molecules like nature does

When asked to sign their name, comb their hair, or use a pair of scissors, most humans prefer to use one hand over the other. But being left-handed or right-handed—handedness—is a trait found not just in people. Many molecules, especially organic molecules, exhibit handedness as well.

Bandstand on U of U campus points to Utah's Black history

One landmark you have probably seen but did not know had anything to do with Black history sits right on the University of Utah’s campus.

Is it ethical for Salt Lake City to keep growing?

Utahns are more concerned with growth than ever before. Two in five people believe that future growth will make Utah worse—up significantly since 2014—according to a 2022 survey by Envision Utah, a nonpartisan group designed to help the state manage growth.

Holding the Line

Hollis Robbins shares her takeaways from that academic freedom conference at Stanford.

Is St. George a 'boomtown'? Metrics say yes, boding well for 2023

Over the last five years, the St. George metro area has seen its population grow by more than 20%, its number of businesses grow by more than 30% and its annual gross domestic product increase by nearly 4% each year.

Energy from nuclear fusion? Utah has been there, not done that

News of ‘hot’ fusion success recalls Utah’s infamous claims of ‘cold’ fusion 33 years ago.

Murray man charged with voyeurism in University of Utah hidden camera case

The cameras were hidden inside restrooms at the university’s main recreation center and gym.

How should Utah grow—when many don’t want it to?

Alarmed by polls showing increasingly negative views about the ever-expanding state, officials plan a sweeping campaign to gather residents’ input on issues such as housing, traffic, recreation and quality of life.

Utah flu season could be worst in a while as hospitalizations surge early

Flu season started early this year, adding stress to health care workers already busy with unprecedented RSV cases and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Why Utah Gov. Spencer Cox banned TikTok on state government devices

“China’s access to data collected by TikTok presents a threat to our cybersecurity,” the Utah governor said in a news release Monday.

Drilling crews to flood Utah’s Lila Canyon coal mine fire with foam, water

Crews to flood the Lila Canyon coal mine from boreholes drilled into part of mine that has burned since Sept. 20.

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