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News Clips | December 8, 2022

Higher ed is a public good. Let's fund it like one.

What if colleges paid students' tuition upfront?

Unusual discoveries made in the evolutionary patterns of porcini mushrooms

Keaton Tremble, PhD Candidate at University of Utah, and Bryn Dentinger, Curator of Mycology at NHMU and Associate Professor of Biology, recently published new findings from a study exploring fungal genetics.

Watch out for lava glass near erupting volcano, says U of U geologist

Although the lava flowing from volcano Mauna Loa has slowed, it is still flowing at up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and no one knows when it will stop.

Your Guide To The Best Vitamins And Nutrients For Eye Health

Many people make decisions about what foods to eat or supplements to take with heart or brain health in mind. But an often forgotten organ that deserves attention when it comes to nutrition, too, is the eye.

Why there's a children's Tylenol and Motrin shortage—and how we could end it

There is a shortage of children's analgesic medicine–but not for the reasons you might think.

Population growth slows in Washington, Iron counties; trend may continue in 2023

Nearly 7,000 new people moved into Washington and Iron counties from July of 2021 to July of 2022, as the fast-growing southwestern corner of Utah continued its decade-long trend of growing larger.

What’s the value in new funding for studies on the Great Salt Lake, other saline lakes?

There are plenty of reasons why Utah politicians are worried about the future of the Great Salt Lake, says Utah Rep. Blake Moore.

How to deal with and overcome seasonal depression

The winter months can mean joyous occasions with Christmas and family get-togethers. However, it can also be a source for seasonal depression.

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