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News Clips | December 7, 2022

University of Utah seeks policy prohibiting 'undue influence'

As the University of Utah becomes better known on the national stage, it has increasingly become an institution students want to attend.

Salt Lake City’s efforts to fight pollution face a new challenge: Toxic dust

Declining water levels exposed much of the Great Salt Lake's bed and created conditions for storms of dust laden with toxic metals that now threaten 2 million people.

'You don't want to miss this': How to view the lunar occultation of Mars

Look to the skies this week to witness the occult—a lunar occultation of the planet Mars, that is.

Warnock’s win in Georgia confirms a split congress for the rest of Biden’s term

A divided government is nothing new for the US—and it’s not all bad news.

Get Gephardt: Husband sued for deceased wife’s unpaid medical bill

It’s been a little over a year since Keith Zipprich lost his wife, Jo, to cancer. Jo battled that cancer for many months, as bills stacked up for those many treatments.

Salt Lake County Council certifies 2023 budget, approves county library tax increase

The Salt Lake County Council certified the county’s 2023 budget and approved a tax increase for the county’s library service area on Wednesday, Dec. 6.

Using design to restore indigenous sovereignty

Architecture across reservations reveals and renews present-day colonialism.

Gene that guides social behaviours may be linked to autism

Little is known about how social behaviour develops in the earliest stages of life, but most animals (including humans) are born with an innate ability to interact socially or form bonds with others.

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