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News Clips | December 23, 2021-January 3, 2022

Opinion: Here’s why it’s important for you to get outside during the new year

It’s time to raise awareness of the health benefits of nature, take actions to protect nature and enhance accessibility to nature for all.

‘Software instead of pills’: Video game developed at University of Utah to treat depression receives $7.5M grant

The success of Neurogrow’s clinical trials will determine the next steps for its release, developers say.

US energy landscape is changing. Here's what it means for the Beehive State

The U.S. energy landscape is in an inevitable state of transition, and a new report shows that the Beehive State has the potential to be a world leader in renewable energy production, storage and manufacturing.

Why is Utah called the Utes? What is a Ute, explained

A Utah Ute is one of the most unique names in all of college athletics.

Remembering Number 22: A Utah Football Season That Will Never Be Forgotten

Stat sheets are filled with them but for this Utah football team – one number matters more than every other.

For Utah, a season that began with tragedy ends with a historic trip to the Rose Bowl

A decade after joining the Pac-12 conference, Utah has enjoyed a season to be celebrated.

Will rapidly spreading omicron variant bring a new COVID-19 surge to Utah?

Omicron is now believed to be the dominant COVID-19 variant in Utah, responsible for an estimated 65% of all cases — more than twice as many as just a week ago, according to the Utah Department of Health.

UnDisciplined: the methane matter

Methane. It's more than just the gas released when cows... release gas. It has a warming potential 25x higher than carbon dioxide.

Utah researchers worked on James Webb Space Telescope, plan to use it

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope launched just a few days ago on Christmas Day and some Utah researchers played a role in bringing it to reality and signed up for research time on it.

Audit: Utah keeps teachers overall, but first 5 years tricky

Tiffany Hatch isn’t quite a unicorn, but a new state audit suggests she’s done something nearly half of her teaching cohort hasn’t: stuck it out in the profession.

How these desert shrubs became more efficient amid the megadrought

Gov. Spencer Cox said last week Utahns cut back on "billions and billions" of gallons of water this year.

Without a mask mandate, COVID cases among Utah students climbed this fall

These are the numbers you need to know about how the virus has affected K-12 and college classrooms.

Utah doctor: 'Clearly this infection is coming fast and hard at us'

The Utah Department of Health on Wednesday reported 3,303 new COVID cases and seven more deaths since the day before.

University of Utah president says he ‘regrets’ how reports of KKK group, feces on Black student’s door were handled

His statement comes after reports of a KKK group walking through a dorm and feces smeared on Black student’s door.

How artificial intelligence is changing therapy in Utah

For Darin Carver, the assistant clinical director for Weber Human Services, the often overlooked crisis in mental health treatment is not just one of access.

Utah tourism industry bouncing back from pandemic setbacks

As the world nears its third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is at least one industry that is bouncing back—Utah travel and tourism.

Leah White: Air pollution contributes to Utah’s suicide rates and lowers children’s academic success

Bad air isn’t going away, so reach out to people who appear to be in crisis.

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