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News Clips | December 21, 2021

Sociologist Priya Fielding-Singh on “How the Other Half Eats”

For her new book, Stanford-trained sociologist Priya Fielding-Singh talked to 75 Bay Area families from a variety of backgrounds about their everyday food choices.

Science, art and museums! Connecting youth in custody with academics

Nalini Nadkarni is an award-winning canopy ecologist whose work in rainforests has earned international acclaim.

University of Utah investigating reports of KKK group in dorms, feces smeared on Black student’s door

The incidents prompted new reviews after a student questioned on social media why they hadn’t been addressed.

Why future plans at University of Utah Research Park need help from Congress

Future plans for the highly successful University of Utah Research Park need a little help from Congress.

She was denied resources by 2 Utah universities after reporting rape by a football player, lawsuit says

Marissa Root, a student at Utah Valley University, says: “They offered me nothing.”

University of Utah Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute Senior Demographer Emily Harris

University of Utah Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute Senior Demographer Emily Harris has details on Utah's latest population estimates-the highest rate of growth since 2017.

Omicron surpasses delta as dominant coronavirus strain in region including Utah, CDC estimates

In a region including Utah and five other states, projections estimated that omicron accounts for about 62% of new coronavirus cases.

Utah scientists play key roles in the Webb Telescope, before and after launch

It’s hard to know exactly what scientists will learn when the James Webb Space Telescope launches later this week. But they have high hopes.

Commentary: Acknowledge essential family caregivers during the holidays

Recognize the economic and personal value of those who care for relatives and neighbors.

Lots of new energy: The top 10 moments of The Utah Enlightenment in 2021

It has been an enormous project to regain the spirited momentum that many arts and cultural organizations in Utah’s creative industries had amassed before the pandemic brought everything to a ground stop in the early spring of 2020.

This new state office was created to keep government from snooping on citizens. Robert Gehrke explains why.

New state privacy officer is the latest step that puts Utah ahead of most states when it comes to protecting digital privacy.

‘Tis the season for avalanches: why increased snowfall can cause risker conditions

More than two dozen avalanches were reported over the weekend to the Utah Avalanche Center and 11 of them were caused by skiers, snowboarders and snowmobiles.

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