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News Clips | December 2, 2021

Newsletter: Biden is leasing public lands for oil drilling. But what about solar and wind?

One of Joe Biden’s boldest campaign promises was to end fossil fuel leasing on public lands and waters.

Utah healthcare providers halt vaccination requirement for employees

Two major Utah healthcare providers have paused all requirements that employees be vaccinated against COVID-19.

How has Utah saved $75 million on welfare? By providing next to none and taking credit for LDS welfare instead.

The state makes aid so hard to get that some get baptized into the predominant faith to obtain help.

Microclimates key in helping protect against inversion pollution

Dreaded winter inversions have officially returned to the Salt Lake Valley and other areas around Utah.

How police, schools prepare for school shootings

There have been 29 school shootings with injuries or death this year and five have happened this month.

Diagnostic Tool Advances Population Health, Chronic Disease Prevention

Engineers are creating a breast cancer diagnostic tool that can improve population health and chronic disease prevention.

Is the pollen count increasing?

My pollen allergies seem to be getting worse and worse. Is it me, or is pollen actually increasing?

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