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News Clips | December 19, 2023-January 2, 2024

A University of Utah chef prepared 1,000 meals on his own time!

Meet our Smith's Zero Hunger Hero, Executive Chef of the University Of Utah Charwells Dining Services Peter Hodgson. He says his passion for food started at a very young age, and so did his passion for volunteering.

Utah scientists unlock the mystery of how snowflakes swirl

For decades, scientists have generally approached the physics of falling snow the same way they did rain—assuming it’ll drop straight down.

Researchers Shed Light on How Mountain Fog Is Formed

Of the world’s various weather phenomena, fog is perhaps the most mysterious, forming and dissipating near the ground with fluctuations in air temperature and humidity interacting with the terrain itself.

Za-pow! Utah Telescope Array captures remarkable, and rare, air-to-ground gamma ray burst

Massive University of Utah-led Telescope Array has been outfitted to capture new data. On top of opening paths to new scientific discoveries, the images are breathtaking.

Utah schools reject Gov. Cox’s claim that they require employees to sign ‘diversity statements’

The governor’s office, meanwhile, points to examples of higher ed jobs that ask applicants to describe their efforts in “contributing to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.”

Utah diversity programming backers brace for debate as initiatives come under fire

As some Utah lawmakers mull legislation targeting diversity, equity and inclusion programs in the state's public universities, another contingent is bracing for a battle to safeguard the initiatives, an increasing focus of debate across the nation.

'Representation matters': University of Utah Health film selected for Sundance Film Festival

For the first time ever, a short documentary film produced by the University of Utah Health has been chosen to be an official selection at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival.

Apes can recognize old friends after decades apart, study finds

University of Utah professor Rachna Reddy said this study opens ‘a window into the incredibly rich interior emotional life of chimpanzees.’

University of Utah study explores genetic links to suicide risk

Genetics could be tied to the risk of attempting suicide, a link that some University of Utah researchers are now looking into.

Here's why you shouldn't let your kids be on their phones too much over winter break

The Governor's Harms of Social Media on Youth campaign has been running since the summer. It's an education campaign aimed at parents to let them know that social media poses a real threat to our children's mental health.

How the University of Utah ended up hosting the 2024 presidential debate

The University of Utah first submitted a bid for a presidential debate in March of 2019. It won the honor to host the final 2024 presidential debate late last month. Here's a look behind the scenes at how the U and state politicians worked across party lines, for years, to bring the event to Utah.

A year of economic ‘resilience’ for Utah, and the nation, as 2023 draws to a close

The cloud of economic pessimism that started the year has lifted a bit as 2023 closes out on a high note.

People are still moving to Utah. Where are they coming from?

Californians continue to move to the Beehive State, though in smaller numbers.

Utah’s recreation economy is booming, reaping benefits for all

A federal report shows that the outdoors infused $8.1 billion into the state’s economy in 2022.

How rock-bottom prices drive shortages of generic drugs used in hospitals

Steven Coventry spent 20 years at the Akorn pharmaceutical factory in Decatur, Ill., and worked his way up to operations manager. The plant closed abruptly in February 2023, when the company shut down its four manufacturing facilities. In Decatur, Akorn laid off 400 employees.

Who should be investigating Tim Ballard? Utah Gov. Cox and a former federal judge disagree.

Attorney General Sean Reyes, a longtime friend of Ballard, announced earlier this month that his office would investigate sexual assault allegations against the Operation Underground Railroad founder.

One man’s breast cancer diagnosis inspires groundbreaking treatment tool

Being diagnosed with potentially fatal metastatic breast cancer inspired one man to gather a team of diverse professionals to create an AI-based tool that analyzes a patient’s symptoms using a smartphone, providing oncologists with a means of providing an individualized treatment care plan to patients with metastatic cancer.

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