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News Clips | December 1, 2022

Top Antitrust Expert: We Need a New Approach to Giant Tech Firms Like Google

Economist Cristina Caffarra, a leader in competition and antitrust, warns that ever-expanding tech giants raise concerns about the extent of their power.

Suspect identified in University of Utah hidden camera case

Police have identified 32-year-old Frederick William Weitze as the suspect involved in a case of cameras hidden in all-gender bathroom stalls at the University of Utah.

Family caregiving takes a toll on ‘Utah’s Invisible Workforce’

A few years ago, the Glad family had a difficult decision to make. Because of a massive stroke he suffered right before he was born, Matthew Glad, 25, can’t walk and is limited in his ability to communicate.

Utah triplets lost their dad at age 11. Now all three have earned a rare NCAA honor

Davin, Sage and Creed Thompson have all excelled in their respective sports despite extreme hardships.

Opinion: The solution to save the Great Salt Lake could be under your feet

One Utah lawmaker has a plan he says could save the lake while supplying much of the state with greatly needed water.

Supply can't meet demand as diabetes drugs' use surges for weight loss

Because of a national shortage of a weight-loss drug called Wegovy-touted as a "game changer" when it entered the U.S. market 1 1/2 years ago-some diabetics have found it hard to obtain another medication intended to improve blood-sugar control but helps obese people lose weight, as well.

Clicking with Your Kin

How sperm whale sounds are like team uniforms.

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