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News Clips | August 6-8, 2022

‘Fire-breathing dragon clouds’: a wildfire-fueled phenomenon explained

Feared pyrocumulonimbus clouds, akin to fire-triggered thunderstorms, are becoming more frequent as blazes rage.

Study: CNN, MSNBC took sharp left turns during Trump’s presidency

Former CNN boss Jeff Zucker made waves at the outset of the Trump era by hiring commentators willing to defend the real estate mogul as he mounted his campaign for the presidency.

Housing crunch sends colleges scrambling to find space for students

Overbooked for the fall and out of residences, institutions are turning to hotels and even other colleges to add rooms.

Here's how Utah's universities are gearing up to fight monkeypox as classes resume

The federal government on Thursday declared a public health emergency in the face of the monkeypox outbreak that has now infected more than 7,000 Americans.

Billions in Feds’ Spending on Megafire Risks Seen as Misdirected

Congress is spending billions to save communities from Western megafires by thinning large swaths of forests even as scientists say climate change-driven drought and heat are too extreme for it to work.

How Utah can power cars, homes and commercial buildings with electricity, Editorial Board writes

Consumers, corporations and government must join to move away from fossil fuels.

A challenge for antiabortion states: Doctors reluctant to work there

Recruiters say OB/GYNs are turning down offers, a warning for conservative-dominated states already experiencing shortages.

How high interest rates are hitting St. George housing sales

Home sales in Washington County through the first six months of 2022 are down 12.5%.

Is it true police solve only 2% of violent crimes?

We had a minor but non-violent kerfuffle in Hyannis recently about a sign in a coffee shop that says: Police only solve 2% of crime. Police supporters demonstrated across the street, and De-fund the Police advocates grabbed signs and defended the coffee shop.

Builders feeling chilly toward requiring extra insulation to new homes

Hearing next week will address a substantial residential building code update.

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