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News Clips | August 29-September 5, 2023

UteQuake: Fans shake the stadium during Utah win

Utah football fans were out in full on Thursday evening, making a ground-shaking impact on Utah’s 24-11 win over the Florida Gators. Ahead of the game, the University of Utah Seismograph Station set up a seismic station on the west side of Rice Eccles Stadium. The goal? To record the shaking generated by the record-setting 53,644 fans that came to watch.

University of Utah Gymnastics Team Under Investigation

The University of Utah has launched an investigation of its highly acclaimed women’s gymnastics program following allegations of verbal and emotional abuse of team gymnasts by head coach Tom Farden.

Project aims to build bridges between students of all faiths at University of Utah

As the new school year is in full swing, the University of Utah is working on a project to build bridges between students of all faiths and religious backgrounds.

How this ‘angry, woke’ college student became the founder of a leading international interfaith organization

Author and nonprofit founder Eboo Patel is the University of Utah’s latest Impact Scholar. Patel is in Utah this week to meet with university students, administrators, faith leaders, elected officials and civic leaders

University of Utah program helping students obtain basic needs

The University of Utah's Basic Needs Collective is pressing forward in an effort to help U. students obtain their most common needs.

Is college worth it? Where in Utah you can get the most out of your education

As the cost of college continues to rise exponentially, many degree-seekers are wondering if education beyond high school is worth the money. Others just want to get the most education at the lowest cost.

Video: Here’s why Utah is at an inflection point, and other insights from economist Natalie Gochnour

Listen to what this prominent adviser has to say about the 6 transitions that are occurring in the state, and the thing she worries about the most.

70% of Utahns oppose giving legacy applicants preference in college admissions

Legacy admission practices have been in the spotlight since the Supreme Court ruling that effectively eliminated affirmative action in college acceptance decisions.

Mestizo Coffeehouse hosts photo exhibit of historic 2006 march for immigration reform

An exhibit of photos documenting the 2006 Dignity March in Utah is currently on display at Mestizo Coffeehouse, in commemoration of the 2023 Hispanic/Latinxs Heritage Month. The west-side coffee house plans to display the exhibit through Oct. 15, with a free presentation by Armando Solórzano, an associate professor of ethnic studies at University of Utah, on Sept. 6 at 7 p.m.

With Utah in the middle of a COVID bump, keep an eye out for rashes in children

COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Utah. According to the most recent statewide data, key indicators like case counts and the virus’ presence in wastewater samples rose by more than 17% in the last week. In addition to elevated levels, some people have been reporting a different experience with the virus than they had in the past.

An Evolving Salt Lake City Hopes to Be ‘Just Like Austin’

Shedding its stodgy image, the city has become a destination for start-ups looking for cheaper space and younger workers on the hunt for roomier housing.

Mistranslation of Newton’s First Law Discovered after Nearly 300 Years

A new interpretation of Isaac Newton’s writings clarifies what the father of classical mechanics meant in his first law of motion.

Utah town offers a new way to reach your doctor

University of Utah Health and the Salt Lake County Library System partner to make virtual visits more accessible for more people.

Utah home prices are down from 2022, but climbing. Have they already hit bottom?

Latest housing market data shows prices still down year over year, but slowly rising amid scarce availability. But what if interest rates hit 8%?

Trump, DeSantis lose some support in new poll of Utah GOP voters

A consensus alternative to Trump has not yet emerged.

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