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News Clips | August 26, 2022

‘It’s a race’: Inside the hobbyist hunt for a piece of Salt Lake City’s meteor

A California man and “meteorite hunter” unearthed a piece around the size of a softball that weighs 484 grams.

Gifts Totaling More Than $50 Million Received By Salem State, Villanova, Cedarville, University Of Utah, And American University

Most college and universities have been welcoming students to campus during the past two weeks, starting the new semester with hopes that enrollments will rebound, threats from the Covid-19 pandemic and monkeypox will subside, and classes and other campus activities will return to normal after two years of almost constant disruption.

University of Utah officers respond to campus bomb threat

Campus officials received a bomb threat targeting a building at the University of Utah campus early Friday morning.

Robert Gehrke tells of the unusual fundraiser that technically wasn’t and the Utah GOP’s tax lien

Traditionally, higher education and campaign politics in Utah haven’t mixed. But the new University of Utah President Taylor Randall is blurring that line, at least somewhat.

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