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News Clips | August 26, 2021

More than 900 University of Utah students sign petition for a vaccine mandate

New university President Taylor Randall says the U. is seeking ‘greater flexibility’ from state leaders to help the school manage its pandemic response.

Improving quality time with your kids

Alisa Van Langeveld came by our studio today to give us tips on how to improve the quality of time spent with your children.

Less ‘bang for the buck’ with COVID-19 booster shots, University of Utah experts say

Call for focus to remain on getting unvaccinated Utahns protected.

The FDA’s Non-Emergency Approval Of Pfizer Opens The Door For Potential Vaccine Mandates In Utah

Utah government agencies, like universities, can now issue COVID-19 vaccine mandates but only for the Pfizer vaccine.

Growth in Utah (Air Quality)

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Utah’s population grew at 18.4 percent or 507,731 residents in the last ten years—the fastest rate in the nation.

Accessing adaptive sports is easy, if you know where to look

From rock climbing to snow and water skiing and team sports like goalball, baseball and basketball, organizations around Salt Lake City are providing a myriad of opportunities for people with disabilities.

‘We export our kids’—Why this scenic Utah county is quickly growing old

Capitol Reef and Canyonlands draw more and more retirees, but Wayne County keeps losing its young people, 2020 census shows.

Building bridges in rural, multicultural communities is key to Utah’s vaccine efforts

Health and community leaders continue to build bridges between disparities in the state’s communities.

'Wishful thinking' believing COVID doesn’t make children as sick as adults

Medical experts say it was “wishful thinking” to believe COVID-19 doesn’t make children as sick as adults.

Utah's rolling 7-day average for COVID-19 cases surpasses 1,100

Utah's coronavirus cases continued rising Wednesday as health officials confirmed 1,585 new cases, as well as 12 new deaths.

University of Utah Health says ICU is at 100% capacity

The University of Utah Hospital says its ICU is at 100 % capacity and like so many other hospitals in the state, a majority of those patients have COVID-19.

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