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News Clips | August 25, 2021

The promise and perils of better understanding the brain

Companies are inventing ways to measure and enhance the brain. Is it a good idea?

Parents Suing Regarding Laws Prohibiting Mask Mandates In Utah Schools

The parents involved in the lawsuit are concerned for their children who have underlying health conditions which make them more vulnerable to COVID-19 than other children.

DNA test leads to shocking discovery for family after IVF mix-up

A DNA test led to a shocking discovery for one Utah family who learned their son is not related to the father after an IVF mix-up over a decade ago.

Parents urged to hold off on 'off-label' COVID-19 vaccinations for children under 12

Now that one of the COVID-19 vaccines is fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration, should shots be sought out for children younger than 12?

Utah vaccination rates rise modestly this summer

While healthcare professionals continue to urge the unvaccinated to get their COVID-19 shot, Utah has seen a modest uptick in vaccinations during the past month.

Utah law banning government COVID-19 vaccine mandate expires

A law the Utah State Legislature passed that banned government from mandating the COVID-19 vaccine has expired, clearing the way for schools and other taxpayer-funded institutions to potentially require it.

Mendenhall made the right call, and legislators will punish her for it, Robert Gehrke says

It took courage for the mayor to protect kids and communities, knowing petty payback was inevitable.

Utah’s Ban on Vaccine Mandates Is Ruining My Childhood

Concerts, events canceled over Utah’s vaccine mandate rules.

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