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News Clips | August 2-14, 2023

Could San Diego Police Department’s smart streetlights program infringe upon privacy rights?

Experts say it’s hard to identify when surveillance technology encroaches on a person’s Fourth Amendment rights, but pervasiveness definitely plays a role.

Biden rule would hinder states from investigating out-of-state abortions. Here’s why Utah’s A.G. is opposed

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes is one of 19 attorneys general pushing back on a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services rule that would prohibit the use of Health care information in a criminal or civil investigation.

Andy Larsen: How do Utah, BYU and the state’s other universities compare? On tuition, academics, admissions and more.

Also, lowdown on which majors result in some of the best-paying jobs right out of college.

What Is A Balance Transfer?

A balance transfer is a transaction that enables you to move existing debt to a new credit card. U experts Beth Hunsaker and Carson Totty weigh in on key questions surrounding the topic.

What a University of Utah scientist, the inspiration for ‘Treetop Barbie,’ thought of the ‘Barbie’ movie

Canopy scientist Nalini Nadkarni talks about her unusual connection to the iconic doll.

University of Utah’s president, athletic director address move to Big 12 Conference

Utah president Taylor Randall, AD Mark Harlan discussed why the school is headed to the Big 12 and what membership in the Pac-12 has meant to the university.

University of Utah and SLCC tie the knot on a new joint campus in Herriman

To celebrate the University of Utah and Salt Lake Community College coming together on a new shared campus in Herriman, leaders from both schools decided against the traditional ribbon cutting. Instead, they went with a “ribbon joining.”

University of Utah faces parking crisis as permit prices rise in cost

As students get ready to return to the University of Utah campus in the coming weeks, parking remains a complicated and controversial issue.

Toxic bacteria detected in several of Zion National Park's waterways

Health watches and warnings have been issued for certain bodies of water in the park due to the presence of cyanotoxins.

Utahns eat bugs, learn about bees at Natural History Museum of Utah BUGfest

What's the buzz in the Beehive State this weekend? The Natural History Museum of Utah's annual Bugfest is paying tribute to Utah's favorite insects with a two-day festival teaching locals about the importance of bees.

U of U housing program soars into a second year

In 2022, the University of Utah started a housing program that matches a university student with alumni, faculty, and or staff as their host for the semester. With school starting this month, the university is trying to expand the program.

The Most Sprawling College Campus in Utah Is Basically Its Own City

The largest college campus in Utah is the University of Utah at 1,534 total acres. The campus is set in a mid-sized city and has four other campuses outside of its flagship. In square kilometers, the University of Utah is 6.21 square kilometers large.

Kirk Nichols: The disturbing inadequacies of the Little Cottonwood environmental impact study

The Utah Department of Transportation and the Utah Legislature’s indefensible gondola is the tip of the iceberg floating in the inadequate environmental impact study.

Several Universities Will Partner With edX To Offer New Artificial Intelligence Boot Camp

edX, the online learning platform from 2U, Inc. is partnering with several leading U.S. universities to launch a new Artificial Intelligence Boot Camp.

The Dream of Geothermal Energy Is Alive in Utah

A new drilling technology promises to unlock a wealth of energy—without a fossil fuel in sight. Will Knight sits down with WIRED senior writer Gregory Barber to find out more.

Research identifies factors increasing stroke severity for Black patients

Researchers at University of Utah Health have identified a gene that may contribute to higher severity of strokes among Black Americans. A version of the PAR4 gene, known as A allele, has been found to potentially be causing the problem.

Data breach may have affected almost 4,000 University of Utah Health Plan members

An unauthorized user accessed a file transfer server and downloaded files that may have contained information of some University of Utah Health Plan members, the university said on Friday.

Census data: Utah's most ethnically and racially diverse counties

Utah, like the rest of the country, continues to become more racially and ethnically diverse, according to data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Roundtable: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Last month, Utah Business partnered with Dentons Durham Jones Pinegar to host a roundtable featuring Utah’s DEI leaders. Moderated by Sara Jones, CEO of InclusionPro, they discussed partnerships, challenges, progress and more. Here are a few highlights from the conversation.

Why are so many influencers from Utah?

From the beginning, Utah women and families have been at the forefront of sharing their personal lives online. In the 2000s, bloggers rose to prominence sharing personal, of-the-minute updates about their own lives.

Michael Valentine: Salt Lake City must ban homeless abatements and enact sanctioned camping

It’s the summer of 2012: I am 24 years old. Desperate for a better life, I move to Salt Lake City, fitting whatever I can into my small car. I have no money, nothing for an apartment, nothing for a deposit.

The years-long journey to save a tiny snail you've never heard of

Hiking is tricky when you're carrying a federally threatened species. Ally Whitbread carefully hopped over logs and dodged prickers while toting a cooler full of tiny, rare snails.

U.S. still experiencing large medication shortages

According to a new survey from the University of Utah Drug Information Service, there were 309 active medication shortages in the second quarter of the year. That's the most in nearly a decade.

How to help kids cope with anxiety

The start of a school year can be an exciting time for kids, but some may feel a little anxious about it.

Italy wants a new bobsled track for the 2026 Winter Games. But nobody wants to build it

What the dilemma means for the future of the Olympics in Salt Lake City and elsewhere.

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