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News Clips | August 19, 2021

New University of Utah President announces transition team, goals

The Operation Bold Transition Team, announced today by new University of Utah President Taylor Randall, is aptly named.

History packets for Utah high schoolers pulled for claiming ‘most slaves were generally treated kindly’

The packets came from Northridge Learning Center, a popular option for students taking core classes online.

Campus 'safety is a culture': What's being done to keep the University of Utah's community safe?

With back-to-school next week, what are the campus initiatives, and are they keeping the U community safe?

Climate change leads to longer pollen seasons, more allergies

Climate change means more than stronger, more ferocious weather and hard-to-contain wildfires. Here's what it means for allergies.

Utah Researchers Using Drug That Could Reverse Heart Disease

After battling breast cancer and receiving a double mastectomy, Debra Grant received a diagnosis for heart failure that crushed her dreams of a full recovery.

University of Utah enters settlement with executive who tricked them with grandiose lies

The University of Utah has agreed to a settlement with a high-paid executive who fooled them with outlandish claims about his work experience to get the job.

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