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News Clips | August 16-21, 2023

University of Utah students move into dorms

The University of Utah campus is bustling as students move into dorms in preparation for a new school year. For incoming freshman Amber San Miguel and her mother Adelaida San Miguel, it’s an especially momentous occasion.

Positive Partnership: College and University Share Campus, Strengthen Transfer Pipeline

Salt Lake Community College and the University of Utah jointly manage a building on SLCC’s Herriman Campus and will enroll students for associate and bachelor’s programs at the one facility.

University of Utah shows commitment to gymnastics program with multimillion-dollar addition to Dumke Center

The University of Utah is committed to its women’s gymnastics program. That was on display Thursday morning as Utah unveiled the newly renovated Dumke Gymnastics Center.

'Tyranny of the Gene' with James Tabery on Thursday's Access Utah

The United States is embarking on a medical revolution. Supporters of personalized, or precision, medicine—the tailoring of health care to our genomes—have promised to usher in a new era of miracle cures.

Tourism officials: Utah is changing

Following the boom in outdoor recreation that came as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism spending in Utah is at an all-time high.

Utah native who co-founded Adobe dies

John Warnock, who was born and raised in Salt Lake City, was 82.

Wildfires Will Put $11 Billion Worth of U.S. Property at Risk Every Year by 2050

Photos of the ashen remains of homes, hotels, and historic sites, blackened and burned by the Maui wildfires, make clear the scale of loss from such a tragedy.

Teacher saves former student from Maui wildfires

Joa Navarro might never have made it out of the Maui wildfire if not for a chance encounter with his favourite teacher, Jackie Ellis.

Older mouse brains rejuvenated by protein found in young blood

A platelet factor joins the list of blood components that might have anti-ageing effects.

New imaging shows what’s happening beneath Yellowstone

Just like our phone cameras have improved, so have the imaging tools used in Yellowstone National Park, giving scientists the best look yet of what is going on underground in the park.

Tango! Waltz! Rumba! As southern Utah ages, dance keeps ‘em active and young at heart

Two years ago, Lucy Noorda didn’t know where to turn. Her husband had just passed away, and the 78-year-old suddenly felt lost. “After taking care of him for seven years, I didn't know what I wanted to do. I didn't know who I was,” she said.

Can Utah’s political figures ‘disagree better’ on social media?

A search of the #utpol hashtag on X, formerly known as Twitter, yields a flood of political posts. It doesn’t always reveal civility.

So, what is the sound of silence? New study explores how humans perceive silence

The study investigated if our ears perceive silence like they do sound—Simon & Garfunkel might’ve been onto something with their famous ‘Sound of Silence’ lyrics.

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