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News Clips | August 11-12, 2022

If T. Rex’s Beady-Eyed Glare Terrifies You, It Should

Top-predator dinosaurs of the Cretaceous may have traded big eyes for a bigger bite. Randy Irmis, curator of paleontology at the Natural History Museum of Utah is quoted.

Why allergies are worse this year, explained

You are not imagining it: Allergies really are getting worse. University of Utah professor William Anderegg is quoted.

Air is fascinating, informative multidisciplinary exhibition at Utah Museum of Fine Arts, featuring internationally known and Utah-based artists

Air is a fascinating, informative multidisciplinary exhibition at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts at the University of Utah. The exhibition features internationally known artists, along with peers from Utah, and creative designers, poets and producers who bring and integrate scientific, cultural and social issues perspectives into their work.

Donald Trump ‘took the Fifth.’ What does it actually mean?

Under what has become the legal standard, the witness has to be facing a genuine risk of criminal prosecution, said Paul Cassell, a criminal law professor at the University of Utah. That means prosecution on any charge in any U.S. court.

‘Gooseneck’ holds, assault and unnecessary seclusion: Why 3 Utah teen treatment programs have come under scrutiny of state regulators

It’s unusual for state regulators to take disciplinary measures against multiple licenses in such a short time period. University of Utah’s Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute is referenced.

Degrees of the Future 2022

Honoring the universities preparing students for tomorrow. Degree programs referenced: Game Design, Health Informatics, Health Research & Innovation, Diversity & Gender Studies.

Transportation recovery after disasters: A collaborative university/community model

Divya Chandrasekhar and Sua Kim of the University of Utah's City & Metropolitan Planning Department worked with John Downen and Joshua Spolsdoff of the U's Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute to survey local businesses about their recovery actions after the March 2020 disasters.

New virus identified in China. Here's what you need to know

A new virus has been identified in China. A University of Utah virologist said a new study he co-authored makes it clear the coronavirus responsible for the ongoing pandemic came from a "wet market" where live animals were sold, not a Chinese laboratory.

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