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News Clips | April 9-11, 2022

This University of Utah program is bringing homes to the Navajo Nation

Atsushi Yamamoto and his wife, Hiroko Yamamoto, like to take a hands-on approach as architects. They also believe in sharing their experience with future generations.

Our next pain killers could come from cone snails

Cone snails not only add interesting dynamics to the ocean ecosystem but have been a popular subject of scientific study in recent years, especially in medicine.

How Utahn is Utah? Here’s how many are ‘homegrown’—and if that’s changing

A lot of Californians are moving to Utah, but it’s not their top state of choice.

The Pentagon is planning for the next pandemic

A COVID-19 patient was in respiratory distress. The Army nurse knew she had to act quickly.

Taxpayer cash to keep Kevin Costner in Utah? Film incentives can boost rural economies, Robert Gehrke says.

Utah is putting up millions in hopes of bringing movies and television productions to rural Utah, and with that comes the critics.

COVID has scientists rethinking how night owls work and sleep

The COVID-19 pandemic “was an international experiment to understand how sleep changes when work hours and work environments change,” a professor said.

Letter: Invoking Christ at U. inauguration undermined message of inclusion

The recent University of Utah presidential inauguration featured inspiring messages of inclusion bookended by prayers invoking the name Jesus Christ.

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