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News Clips | April 6-23, 2024

Opinion: In Utah, we’re using responsible A.I. to take on environmental and health crises

We want to apply the transformational potential of A.I. to problems of regional and global significance while also protecting privacy, civil rights and civil liberties.

Trees for Earth to Arbor Day

Do you love trees? So do we. Red Butte Garden is part of Utah's arboretum, so there's no better place to celebrate Arbor Day! Join us for a free-admission day to explore the beauty of the natural world and learn about the vital role trees play in our lives and environment.

Best Online Savings Accounts

It is common for us to be told we need to save money, but oftentimes we get stuck. We do not know how, we do not know where, and we feel a sense of deprivation. So, we never start.

Utah Refugee Center building gets new cosmic ray detectors built by teens with refugee backgrounds

On Tuesday, a community of refugee students, their families, scientists and educators celebrated an event three years in the making: the installation of five cosmic ray detectors atop the Department of Workforce Services’ Utah Refugee Center building in Salt Lake City.

University of Utah students protest anti-trans speaker on campus

Political writer Michael Knowles spoke at the University of Utah’s College of Social Work Monday night to the excitement of some students but to the outrage of others.

$1 million in scholarships offered to University of Utah students for community service

The University of Utah is launching the U Service Corps program. This program will offer scholarship money to students for their community service. A million dollars in scholarships will be offered to students who may not have qualified for scholarships based on their academic merits but are willing to work in the community.

University of Utah researchers part of $50M commitment to ‘untangle addiction’

Huntsman Mental Health Institute psychiatrist to lead interdisciplinary team to research new, noninvasive treatment.

How ‘FAFSA Fail’ is impacting Utah students

The number of Utah high school students who have completed the Free Application for Student Aid, or FAFSA, is down 31.7% compared to April 2023.

New, unique theater thriving in historic University of Utah building

Many performing arts venues follow a standard pattern. The audience sits in rows of chairs facing the stage, and performers work with roughly 180 degrees of vision. But a new theater design is making the experience more immersive and one just opened in a familiar spot at the University of Utah.

The U.’s West Valley Hospital project moving forward. So is its workforce program.

After securing significant bonding capacity in this year’s legislative session, officials at University of Utah Health are finalizing plans for building a new hospital in West Valley City.

Utah researchers collect samples to map spread of respiratory illness through dirt, dust

A team of University of Utah researchers is studying a fungal respiratory infection they say is spreading through the soil and dust in Utah.

Senior VP for Health Sciences Michael Good to step away from administrative posts, return to faculty at University of Utah

A member of the state’s medical leadership team, Good helped to guide masking and vaccine policy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Utah law aimed at diversity programs puts future of university 'affinity celebrations' in doubt

As graduation season commences, different segments within some of Utah's university communities—Latinos, LGBTQ students, Pacific Islanders and others—are planning to mark the end of their undergraduate years with their own celebrations.

Brightest gamma-ray burst of all time leads to both questions and answers, U of U researchers says

Approximately a year and a half ago, a massive star collapsed and exploded 2 billion light-years away from Earth creating the brightest gamma-ray burst ever recorded, according to a newly released study.

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