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News Clips | April 6, 2022

This University of Utah program is bringing homes to the Navajo Nation

Atsushi Yamamoto and his wife, Hiroko Yamamoto, like to take a hands-on approach as architects. They also believe in sharing their experience with future generations.

'We will not stand for that': U of U Greek leaders pledge to take action against sexual assault

In a letter sent out to all University of Utah students this week, fraternity and sorority leaders addressed alleged sexual assaults that happened in Greek houses, said they stood by survivors and pledged to improve education for their members.

U of U officials searching for vandal who defaced Block U during Pride Week

The University of Utah is looking for a vandal responsible for two anti-LGBT incidents that reportedly happened at the end of Pride Week. Some students say they were sad to hear about these cases, but they’re not fully surprised.

Why U. law professor says prosecuting atrocities in war-torn Ukraine is an ‘international obligation’

Will global sanctions and the possibility of Ukraine becoming a member of the EU impact Vladimir Putin’s ability to sustain invasion?

Some hoped FDA approval of Pfizer's COVID vaccine would convince unvaccinated Americans. It didn't, study finds.

After the Food and Drug Administration approved Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine in August, public health experts were hopeful vaccine uptake would skyrocket.

Exposed sediments reveal decades of Lake Powell history

Usually, when a geologist walks up to a sedimentary rock outcrop and starts scanning the layers of sand, mud and silt now turned to rock, they're looking through millions of years of deep time to deduce what happened in that place in the world over many thousands of years to create that particular rock.

Losing Sleep Over the Pandemic? Work Flexibility May Be a Boon for Night Owls’ Health

Many so-called night people feel that, when it comes to society’s expectations about when the workday should start, they drew the short straw.

New AI System Assists Medication Selection for Type 2 Diabetics

Researchers used EHR data from several healthcare institutions to develop an artificial intelligence method that supported medication selection for 83 percent of type 2 diabetes patients.

First-time VA mom, born a preemie herself, welcomes own micro-preemie daughter: 'Full circle story'

A Virginia woman who was born prematurely has given birth to a daughter — who arrived under circumstances incredibly similar to her own.

Proteins in saliva could aid in Covid-19 detection, predict illness

Researchers have identified a family of proteins that is significantly elevated in the saliva of patients hospitalized with Covid-19.

Wasatch Back Economic Summit brings communities together to talk business

Next month, the Park City Chamber and Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce will host the Wasatch Back Economic Summit.

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