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News Clips | April 24-30, 2024

Cheapest Liability Car Insurance

With rising insurance costs, it seems obvious that consumers would look for ways to reduce the amount they have to pay with their premiums.

Opinion: Why federal agencies need the power to make decisions

Since 1984, federal agencies have had discretion to implement policy mandates, on matters ranging from health care to environmental protection, in ways that maximize benefits to communities across the U.S. while preserving their flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

University of Utah indefinitely pauses SAT and ACT admissions requirements

The University of Utah is pausing SAT and ACT admissions requirements indefinitely. The school is part of a growing number of colleges making the tests optional.

Finding fungus: Scientists investigate ‘Valley Fever’ in southern Utah

A lesser-known fungal disease infecting Utahns is getting renewed attention from a team of scientists at the University of Utah.

Here’s why we need to invest more in scientific research

I wake up every morning excited to be part of a community focused on improving lives, making revolutionary discoveries, and boosting the prosperity of my state and my country.

University of Utah researcher faked data for years, according to investigators

Gian-Stefano Brigidi was highly regarded among neuroscientists for his work on how life experiences change the brain. But a federal office found he manipulated his data.

Police end University of Utah student pro-Palestine rally with riot gear and 17 arrests

Hundreds of U. students had joined nationwide campus rallies in support of Palestine, setting up an encampment outside the university’s administration building.

May Day has faded from Utah's calendar—but it used to rock

May Day arrives this week, with its odd mix of cheerful gift baskets and labor protests.

How Do We Deal With Bad Air Quality?

We talk to Utah dust expert Kerry Kelly, who has a plan for countering the impact of hazy skies on our health—and on our kids' health. Listen to our 18-minute podcast.

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