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News Clips | April 19-20, 2022

Salt Lake City could be getting its first “innovation district”

Thanks to a joint effort between the University of Utah and the Salt Lake Redevelopment Agency (RDA), the vision for Salt Lake City’s Station Center Project is moving forward.

Time-lapse shows dust covering SLC

The University of Utah Department of Atmospheric Sciences has released a video Tuesday that shows blowing dust creeping into Salt Lake County.

'(Solve For) X' with Katharine Coles on Tuesday's Access Utah

In Katharine Coles’ new poetry collection (Solve for) X, she meditates on an imaginary sister, impositions of the body on the mind, and the human mess that remains despite death or disaster.

U’s response to racist incidents

Investigation scrutinizes U of U’s response to racist incidents.

New audit finds failures at the University of Utah are uncorrected 3 years after Lauren McCluskey’s death

State auditors say the school continues to leave students at risk due to a lack of communication and accurate reporting on safety.

New Tool in the Battle Against Opioid Addiction Could Be Mindfulness

More than 20 percent of American adults suffer from chronic pain.

Rethinking rural/urban dichotomies at the epicenter spring summit

Utah is home to an art scene that stretches across the state, with subversive art pockets in unlikely places, but sometimes, Salt Lake City’s presence eclipses work and communities in smaller towns.

San Diego’s Chicano Park Celebrates Its Anniversary

Fifty-two years after its creation, the park still represents a struggle for recognition and power in California.

Final scene: Salt Lake City’s Utah Theater meets the wrecking ball

Crews begin tearing down the century-old playhouse on Main Street amid more last-ditch efforts to halt the demolition.

Standard time or daylight saving time? Which one do people prefer?

New poll shows little support for the biannual changing of the clocks in Utah.

Is the U.S. doing enough to help Ukraine fight Russia? See what Utahns think in new poll

A vast majority of Utahns continue to closely follow the Russian attack on Ukraine, and just under half don’t think the United States is doing enough to respond in the ongoing war.

U.S. college students weigh in on loan crisis as Joe Biden extends payment pause once again

The main concern of college students is that forgiving the student loans won't solve the problem of rising tuition fees, and it may rather lead to even more rise in the fees.

Generation Africa is calling the youth to rise up as Food Warriors that use impact-driven agrifood businesses to fight for a sustainable, African food system

The GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition 2022 inspires young entrepreneurs to engage in a food revolution that makes a positive impact on communities, the environment, and the local economy.

Full Cast Announced for Paige Davis Led Production of HELLO, DOLLY! at PTC

Pioneer Theatre Company will present the record-setting Broadway hit, Hello, Dolly! as the closing musical for the current season.

Activists, Authors, Scholars, Stars: Prominent Honorary Degree Recipients For 2022

Commencement season is just around the corner, and, all across the nation, colleges and universities are announcing final plans for the spring graduation ritual.

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